Vodafone Turkey extends roam-like-home package to 131 countries

Vodafone Turkey extends roaming (roam-like-home) package to 131 countries. Vodafone Turkey said the number of countries where it provides roam-like-at-home services increased by 27 countries to 131, including all of Europe. vodafone turkey roaming

Vodafone Red subscribers can easily use the tariff content in these countries as if they were in Turkey, with the “All Inclusive Passport – World” packages.

Offering a world beyond tariffs to its customers, Vodafone Red continues to make life easier for its customers with the roaming privileges it provides for international travel. Extending the scope of its international roaming service to 131 countries from 104 countries by including the whole of Europe, Vodafone offers its Red customers the opportunity to use the tariff content in these countries as if they were in Turkey, with the “All Inclusive Passport – World” packages. On the other hand, customers on the “Red 40 GB Unlimited Entertainment” tariff benefit from 400 TL worth of benefits by using the “All Inclusive Passport – World” service free of charge for 4 days. vodafone turkey roaming

Meltem Bakiler Şahin, Vice President of Vodafone Turkey Executive Board, said: “Today, it is very important for our customers to know that they are spending smart. Our goal is to offer our customers benefits and instant gains that address their daily needs. With this goal, we completely renewed our Red world and determined our new brand discourse as ‘Vodafone Red Full of Privileges’. In this context, we also offer important privileges in the field of circulation. With the strength we derive from Vodafone Group and our global experience, we also make a difference for our customers in Turkey. According to the average of the last 3 years, 77% of all our roaming usage comes from European countries. In this direction, we increased the scope of our roaming service from 104 countries to 131 countries by including all of Europe. With the ‘All Inclusive Passport World’ packages, Red users can easily use the tariff contents in these countries as if they were in Turkey. We will continue to offer privileges that will not only make Red people feel special and privileged but also fit their lifestyles.”

“Smart Overtime Protection” to internet usage vodafone turkey roaming

The “All Inclusive Passport – World” service, a first in Turkey, offers customers the opportunity to freely use the voice, internet and SMS rights in their tariffs in 131 countries, just like in Turkey. Customers can use all the minutes in their tariffs for calls made to and from Turkey, to their country of residence. Similarly, they can use SMSs in all directions in their tariffs to send SMS to the direction of the country they are in and to Turkey, even when they are abroad. Finally, they can use all of the internet in their tariffs abroad. When the internet in their tariff ends, they can use the first 20 MB for 35.70 TL and each subsequent 50 MB for 81.59 TL, within the scope of “Smart Overtime Protection”.

Used by more than 200 thousand people in the last 1 year

Those who use the “All Inclusive Passport – World” product can use all the content in their tariffs for 99.90 TL or 129.90 TL per day in a total of 131 countries, just as if they were in Turkey. Red members who come to the top Red tariff benefit from the 99.90 TL package for 4 days free of charge per month. Thanks to the Smart Pricing Technology included in the product, no fee is paid for the day not used while abroad. More than 200 thousand people used the “All Inclusive Passport – World” service between April 1, 2021 and March 31, 2022.

Coverage expanded from 104 countries to 131 countries

Countries included in Vodafone’s roaming service include Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Finland, Slovakia, Andorra, Norway, Algeria, Mozambique, Senegal, Tunisia, Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Iraq, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Maldives, Pakistan, Turkmenistan, Vietnam, Morocco, Iran, South Korea, Nepal, Tajikistan, French Guinea, British Virgin Islands.


Anyone with or without Red can visit vftr.co/red to discover Vodafone Red’s world of privileges. Those who want to be a Red member can apply at vftr.co/redliol with 15% discounted prices and free SIM card delivery in 24 hours.

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