Vodafone Greece builds private mobile network for Piraeus port

Vodafone Business has brought a new era for the Piraeus Container Station, which promises state-of-the-art technologies and new, unlimited possibilities for the largest port in the country. Find out more about Vodafone Greece private mobile network below.

Operating as a catalyst in Greek technology and telecommunications, Vodafone designed, built, and commissioned the first private mobile network in Greece, on behalf of the companies Piraeus Container Station (SEP) and Piraeus Port Authority (PPA).

Following a competitive process and based on the needs and specifications requested by the companies PPA and SEP, Vodafone Greece submitted a complete technological proposal, which marks a historic moment for the country’s communications, as it is the first time that a company utilizes mobile network purely for its own private use, laying the foundations for an all-digital hub of international shipping in Piraeus.

Aim to become the most digital port in the area

The port of Piraeus with the main axis of the Container Station is developing dynamically and now has the first place in the Mediterranean in relation to the volume of moving containers, while it is located in the four largest in Europe, having managed to become a transit hub and ideal entrance. from and to the European continent, serving the largest international shipping companies on a daily basis.

PPA and SEP companies sought a complete digital solution that would enable the holistic increase of the service possibilities of all companies in the port, through the use of advanced and completely secure technological infrastructure and services, with the aim of making the Piraeus Container Station the digital terminal of the region and carrier of the applications of the future.

Vodafone successfully constructed and delivered this large project to PPA and SEP in just three months. This private network serves data traffic and covers all container stations and piers of Piraeus, offering a guaranteed network capacity of 2.7Gbps, which supports the supply chain and the daily operations of the port, such as loading and unloading, storage, accurate distribution.

Unique innovations with cutting-edge technologies

This state-of-the-art 4G / LTE network, developed on behalf of PPA and SEP companies, has unique innovations and is enabled for the use of NB-IoT technology, thus offering the possibility of installing sensors and implementing digital applications.

The technological upgrade of the Piraeus Container Station contributes to the improvement of its operations and the upgrade of the services it provides to its end customers. In addition, thanks to the high response and zero latency architecture of this network, it is possible to continuously transmit and process data in real time, which paves the way for the technological applications of the future. While through additional protocols and thanks to the closed structure of the first private mobile network, top security is achieved in the data it transmits.

Preparing businesses for the digital tomorrow

The General Manager of Vodafone Business Katia Stathaki stated: “Vodafone’s cooperation with the Container Station of the Port of Piraeus brings a commercial and technological innovation for Greek things, which opens new avenues for the way in which our networks will be used for a better future. At the same time, we are doubly happy because we deliver a state-of-the-art network that will support all new technologies to a partner, which contributes to the emergence of Piraeus as a global hub for international trade and the supply chain. At Vodafone we believe that with our networks and services we can contribute to a better future, empowering citizens and businesses with the most modern technological applications “. vodafone greece private mobile network

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