Vodafone changed i-Roam FREE International Roaming Plans for Postpaid Subscribers

The new rates have come days after the company announced discounts on its international roaming plans for a Visa Travel Prepaid card customers

Vodafone had announced a discount worth Rs 500 on the 10-day Vodafone iRoam FREE plan and Rs. 750 discount on the 30-day plan using a Visa Travel Prepaid card.

Now, as per new revised rates for postpaid customers, the i-Roam FREE international roaming plans of Rs. 500, Rs. 2,500, Rs. 3,500, and Rs. 5,500 will now be available at Rs. 599, Rs. 2,999, Rs. 3,999, and Rs. 5,999 respectively. The changed rates are visible on the MyVodafone App.

The Rs. 599 i-Roam FREE international plan is valid for one day and includes 50 minutes of outgoing calling to the travelling country and India, while Rs. 2,999 plan comes with a validity of seven days and has 200 minutes for outgoing calls. It also offers free incoming calls, 25 text messages, and 2GB of data. Vodafone postpaid subscribers can also opt for the Rs. 3,999 plan for 10 days to get 300 minutes of outgoing calls to local country and India, whereas the Rs. 5,999 plan offers 28 days of validity and gives 500 minutes of outgoing calls, free incoming calls, 100 SMS messages, and 5GB of data.


Subscribers visiting select countries such as the US, UAE, and Singapore can also avail unlimited benefits, including unlimited data and voice calls. Vodafone is also claiming to offer “home-like rates” in 44 countries. The revised rates were first reported by TelecomTalk.

For select countries, Vodafone has introduced a new plan, calling it “home-like rates”. Under this scheme subscriber visiting 44 countries including US, UAE can avail unlimited benefits, including unlimited data and voice calls.

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