Users on Albanian south coast often in Greek roaming

This has been a constant concern for subscribers, forcing the Electronic and Postal Communications Authority (AKEP) to start monitoring the situation

The subscribers main concern was the fact that in some of the most frequented tourist areas in the country and the beacheas is present a network shortage of Albanian operators and the automatic connecting to Greek operators. albania greek roaming

AKEP has conducted a considerable number of measurements to control and monitor the quality of service of mobile operators in Seman, Vlora, Zvërnec, Radhim, Orikum, Palas, Dhermi, Jal, Livadh, Himarë, Llaman, Qeparo, Borsh, Bunec, Lukovë; Saranda, Mirrors, Seagulls, Ksamil, or Pogradec etc. where the number of subscribers on beaches or other areas is even greater.

Given this concern AKEP wants to point out that according to the monitoring performed, the provision of service by mobile operators on the above-mentioned beaches based on the measurements was within the terms of the Authorization and the Regulation on Service Quality with the exception of an isolated part due to relief north of Palas beach and south of Dhërmi beach. For these areas mobile phone users are advised to use Wi-Fi technology, which Albanian operators offer for free.

In case of non-fulfillment of obligations by Albanian mobile operators for the provision of services, AKEP through the Monitoring and Inspection Control Director requires the operators to provide service to these areas and in cases where their failure to perform is considered administrative violation for which we we take the relevant measures rigorously according to the legislation in force.

The AKEP monitoring team noted that another reason for the interruption of the mobile telephony service in certain areas is the lack of antennas by Albanian operators, while the Greek operators antennas are also positioned in front of these areas, which makes it possible to cover all of our southern coastline, as a result roaming automatically takes place.

AKEP is coordinating the work to establish an agreement with Greece’s regulator to reduce transmission power as much as possible, but always without compromising the quality of service.

Assessing the concerns raised by numerous subscribers in the country’s tourist areas during this season, this monitoring is reflected also in the local media. To facilitate their stay in Albania, AKEP suggests that users choose the handset operator with whom they are subscribing manually to their mobile device system. albania greek roaming


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