UPC Poland launches VoLTE and VoWiFi services

All customers of the UPC cellular service in Poland can now use the VoLTE technology, which allows for the highest quality voice calls in LTE technology. Poland volte

At the same time, customers also gained access to Wi-Fi Calling – a service that enables voice calls via the WiFi network, without the need to install additional applications or communicators on the phone.

The benefits of VoLTE and Wi-fi Calling

VoLTE is a technology that allows you to make calls much faster than 2G or 3G. In addition, thanks to the use of many solutions enhancing the sound quality, making calls in VoLTE technology gives the impression that our interlocutor is right next to you. In addition, the Internet speed does not drop during VoLTE calls, so you can safely use LTE technology during a call.
When you are within the range of a Wi-Fi network, you can make and receive calls via Wi-Fi Calling, as well as send and receive SMSs all over the world. In addition, users of iPhone and Android devices manufactured from 2019 can send and receive MMS via Wi-Fi Calling.

How to enable VoLTE and Wi-fi Calling? poland volte

VoLTE  technology is made available automatically to all UPC cellular service customers. Please note that in order to use VoLTE technology, you must have a telephone that supports this technology.
In the case of Wi-Fi Calling , to enable the “WiFi calling” / “WiFi calling” function in your device’s settings:
ANDROID: 1. Open the Phone app (handset icon). 2. Click More and then Settings. 3. Click Connections. 4. Turn on Connections via wifi.
iOS: 1. Enter device settings. 2. Click Phone. 3. Enable Wifi Calling.

Is there an additional charge for using VoLTE and Wi-fi Calling?

The customer bears no additional costs for all the benefits of using VoLTE. Calls made with the use of this technology are billed as an ordinary voice call. VoLTE is also available for international roaming.
UPC does not charge fees for the use of Wi-Fi Calling, and calls / SMS / MMS made via Wi-Fi Calling are billed in accordance with the price list of the offer used by the customer – always just like a call / SMS made from Poland.
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