Ban on using hands-free devices while driving in UK

A group of UK MPs have called on the Government to consider tougher restrictions on driving while using a mobile phone, as well as stricter enforcement of the law to prevent avoidable deaths and serious injuries from related traffic accidents. HANDS FREE DEVICES uk

Current laws which only proscribe the use of devices being held by drivers give the “misleading impression” that hands-free use is safe despite it creating “the same risks of a collision”, a report published by the Commons Transport Select Committee warned.

The cross-party committee acknowledged that there would be practical challenges to criminalising hands-free phone use and enforcing the offence, but insisted “this does not mean that we should not do it”.

It recommended that the Government should explore options for extending the current ban on hand-held mobiles and publish a public consultation on the issue by the end of 2019.

In 2017, there were 773 casualties on Britain’s roads – including 43 deaths and 135 serious injuries – in crashes where a driver using a mobile was a contributory factor.

Since March 2017, motorists caught using a hand-held phone have faced incurring six points on their licence and a £200 fine – up from the previous penalty of three points and £100.

The MPs urged the Government to consider whether penalties should be increased further “to better reflect the serious risks created by drivers committing this offence”.

Ban on using hands-free devices while driving in EU HANDS FREE DEVICES uk

As of 2021, there is no ban on using hands-free devices while driving in the European Union (EU). However, there are regulations in place that restrict the use of mobile phones and other electronic devices while driving to improve road safety.

Under EU law, drivers are prohibited from using a mobile phone or other electronic device held in their hand while driving. This includes making calls, texting, using social media, and browsing the internet. The use of headphones or earphones connected to a mobile phone is also prohibited while driving.

Although hands-free devices are not banned, using them while driving can still be dangerous and distracting. Studies have shown that even hands-free phone calls can affect a driver’s concentration and reaction time, and increase the risk of accidents.

Individual countries in the EU may have their own regulations regarding the use of hands-free devices while driving. For example, in France, it is illegal to use any device that requires the driver to take their hands off the steering wheel while driving, even if it is hands-free.

Overall, while hands-free devices are not currently banned while driving in the EU, drivers should still exercise caution and avoid using any device that could distract them from the road.



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