T-Mobile offers free Sims with 50 GB data to health, education sectors

T-Mobile Netherlands is offering free Sim cards with credit and 50 GB data to organisations providing healthcare and education. The organisations can request up to 30 Sims each, available in packages of five, to distribute to staff, patients or pupils, in order to stay connected during the coronavirus crisis. t-mobile free sims
Søren Abildgaard, CEO T-Mobile: “We believe it is important to make a maximum contribution to connectivity in the Netherlands in this crisis. Because in these times it is crucial to stay in touch with each other. Especially now the education and care institutions can use a helping hand “.

Educational institutions
T-Mobile wants to provide children in primary and secondary education with mobile internet access if they do not have it at home, so they can follow education from home in the near future. T-Mobile does this by providing free PrePaid sim cards with 50GB of data on them to schools, so that they can give them to pupils who need them. In addition, teachers can also use the extra call minutes and data, for example, to have 1: 1 contact with their pupils.

Care institutions
Healthcare institutions can also appeal to this action and request free PrePaid SIM cards for both patients and healthcare workers. It is intended to keep patients in contact with their loved ones. In addition, healthcare workers – who regularly have to virtually consult with (con) colleagues – can also make use of this.

T-Mobile consciously chooses these target groups, because this is where the demand and need for internet access is most present. Directors, care personnel or teachers who do have an (old) smartphone, but lack internet or call minutes, can apply for these PrePaid SIM cards via a special action page . t-mobile free sims

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