T-Mobile Netherlands increased EU roaming data on

T-Mobile Netherlands increased the amount of EU roaming data on its largest Unlimited plan, to 35 GB per month from 32 GB. In the Netherlands, customers get unlimited mobile data with the plan. SMS is unlimited throughout the EU with the tariff plan. tmobile unlimited roaming

tmobile unlimited

*The stated price is in combination with a 2-year 5G subscription and excluding € 25 connection costs and € 6.41 home copying levies for new telephones.

**In combination with a 2-year 5G Unlimited subscription (unnl. GB/SMS/Bellen in NL + 120 min. from NL to EU, 35 GB in the EU and access to the 5G network) and a 1-year internet subscription with a maximum internet speed up to 100 Mbit/s. Depending on the type of (fiber optic) internet connection at your zip code. € 30 activation costs and € 37.50 installation costs. During the first 6 months you will receive a discount on your home subscription. After that you pay for your Internet subscription for at least € 30/month (for 100 Mbit/s) with the exception of possibly. annual inflation adjustment. Reduced prices shown apply as long as you combine them with a mobile subscription at the same address in Customer Advantage, T-Mobile’s discount program

T-Mobile offers 5G roaming in several countries as well. Most 5G phone vendors already support T-Mobile 5G roaming for these countries. In countries where 5G is not yet available (or where your 5G phone does not yet support 5G roaming), you can use the 4G or 3G network for mobile internet. Wherever you are, your device always searches for the best available connection.

2022: growing mobile data usage

Data consumption on T-Mobile’s mobile network continued to grow in 2022. Last year, customers consumed 20% more data in comparison to 2021. There was also an increase during New Year’s Eve. Between 00:05 and 00:15 data usage increased by 5% compared to the same time last year. Not only New Year’s Eve was busy on T-Mobile’s mobile network, but the year 2022 also saw other peaks in data usage. For example, important sports events in 2022 caused an increase in data consumption on the network time and again.

For years, T-Mobile has seen mobile data consumption grow, and this trend continued in 2022. In 2022, the average data consumption on a regular day also increased by 20% compared to 2021. Day in and day out, we connect digitally, both for work and for play. Yet peak moments in data consumption on the mobile network remain visible. The most prominent peak moments in 2022 were related to major sports events such as Formula 1 races and the Olympics.

Sports peak moments 2022  tmobile unlimited roaming

Max’s championship race on Sunday, October 9, despite the early hour in the Netherlands, caused a network peak in 2022. The telecom provider saw over 7% more consumption on the mobile network than on a regular Sunday during the year. Formula 1 races regularly caused spikes in data consumption during the racing season this year.

Thibaud Rérolle, Chief Technology Information Officer at T-Mobile: “In 2022, T-Mobile’s network once again proved it can handle the continuous pressure and provide our customers with the best possible network experience, even during the busiest network moments of the year. T-Mobile’s network allowed us to collectively enjoy the amazing performances of our sports heroes during different times of the year.”




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