Smart communications upgrade internet service in Sorsogon

PLDT and its mobile unit Smart Communications have enhanced network capabilities and implemented the digital tourism program in the Sorsogon province. PLDT and Smart have also announced they will support the province’s tourism initiatives with faster connectivity speeds and digital services. smart internet

Smart is rolling out LTE and LTE-Advanced in Sorsogon. PLDT is also laying out 84 kilometers of fiber throughout the province.

PLDT and Smart will also implement digital tourism in Sorsogon, which will use mobile phones to provide users with important travel, cultural, and heritage information. Back in 2011, PLDT and Smart started cooperation with Cebu-based startup InnoPub Media. InnoPub Media founder Max Limpag said the program will include a mobile app as guide to travel in the province and interactive markers for its cultural and heritage monuments.

Customers can go online using their phones throughout their travels, to check details about hotels and booking hotel rooms and plane tickets, as well as checking out a place’s top sights and experiences.

Another component of digital tourism turns regular markers into interactive ones that allow the download of more information about a cultural or historical destination or experience through QR code markers and NFC stickers.

Smart is on track toward to fulfill its commitment to the National Telecommunications Commission to cover 90% of the country’s cities and municipalities with mobile data service by the end of this year. smart internet


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