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Slovak president signs law on reporting roaming customers

Slovakia president Zuzana Caputova has signed an amendment to the Law on Telecommunications, reports TASR. The legal document, which was adopted by Slovak parliament earlier this December, obliges operators to provide the Public Health Office with data of its customers using roaming services abroad. slovakia roaming reporting

The amendment is intended to help prevent the import of new coronavirus disease from abroad by providing data from the Public Health Office (ÚVZ) SR from operators.

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“The subject of the draft law is an amendment that will enable quick and effective identification of potential carriers and control of compliance with measures ordered to prevent the spread of the disease by providing relevant data to authorities monitoring the development of the epidemiological situation,” the department wrote in the submission report. Electronic Communications Act.

“As the provision was deleted following the President’s comments, the submitted proposal is modified to meet the comments and not raise doubts about its constitutionality,” the ministry emphasized.

In practice, it is a matter of enabling hygienists to contact telephone numbers reported by operators who have registered in networks outside the territory of the Slovak Republic. If this is not possible, according to the ministry, it will have a critical impact on the functionality of the eHranica application and subsequently on the enforceability of decrees that set out the obligations of persons after entering the territory of Slovakia.

“In the event that a person decides not to register in the eHranica application and enters the territory of the Slovak Republic without border control, ÚVZ SR would never find out about this fact according to the approved wording of the law and could not contact these numbers,” the transport department explained. considering this to be a critical issue for new variants of the new coronavirus, such as the current omicron.

The aim of the law is for ÚVZ to be able to obtain basic information about the cross-border movement of contacts in relation to their arrival from epidemiologically dangerous countries, even without the consent of the participant concerned. The Office will have to destroy this data as soon as the reason has ceased to exist and inform the participant accordingly.

The amendment also includes an amending proposal, which responded to the finding of the Constitutional Court of the Slovak Republic. He assessed the current regulation of isolation and quarantine of persons outside the home environment as deprivation of personal liberty. The amendment removes the vague definition of “quarantine measures”. At the same time, the provisions define the isolation of people with a communicable disease and the quarantine of people diagnosed with a communicable disease in a constitutionally consistent way with the introduction of balancing provisions.

“The enabling provision for the ÚVZ SR and regional public health authorities for issuing generally binding legal regulations on the regulation of measures in the event of a threat to public health is also being amended,” the deputies stated in the joint report of the committees. slovakia roaming reporting

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