SatelliteApp: Free calls to 4 new countries

Sipgate’s Satellite App has started to offer interested parties a mobile phone number that is independent of the SIM card and which can be used as a secondary number. If you use a pure data plan, you can still make calls in this way, and if a local prepaid card is used abroad, you can still be reached as a customer under your regular phone number.

In addition, user receive 100 free minutes for outgoing calls, while incoming calls are always free. Until now, these free minutes could be used for calls to 51 countries. Now there are four more destinations: Norway, Iceland, Cyprus and Japan.

Customers who have booked the SatellitePlus flat rate for outgoing calls can now use the option to make calls to these countries at no extra cost. The location of the customer does not matter. SatellitePlus is available as an in-app purchase and costs 4.99 euros.

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“We were able to add these four countries because our purchase prices for connections there have dropped and can therefore be offered cost-covering,” said Michael Neudert of sipgate to expand the offer. “If prices go down again in the future, we will be able to add new countries to the satellite states again.”

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