People spend on average €1.022 a year on business travel. Brits spend less than Americans

New YouGov research carried out on behalf of Priority Pass has found interesting stats about business travellers, including which demographic spends more on travel.

The top five findings of the survey of 10,000 travellers include:

  1. Globally, people spend on average €1.022 (about £911 or US$1,167) a year on business travel.
  2. US travellers are one of the highest spenders on international business travel, doling out an average of €1.396 ($1,595 or £1,245), while Brits spend the least at €751 ($858 or £670) – nearly half.
  3. Women spend more than men on business travel – € 1.141 ($1,303 or  £1,017) compared with € 1.054 ($1,204 or £940).
  4. Eight per cent of those surveyed are likely to travel overseas on business in the average year.
  5. Only 10 per cent of respondents said they post about their business travel on social media (echoing research by Conference leeds).


In addition, Priority Pass found that employees in the 35-54 age group spend considerably more than 18-24 year olds, while the highest earners also dish out more cash for business travel (€ 1.345 , $1,536 or £1,200).

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