Must Have Travel Gadgets and Accessories

Make your next vacation easier with these great travel gadgets

These travel accessories are supposed to save you either space, time and/or money or even make perfect gifts for travellers

There are lots of travel gadgets on the market that serves different purposes while traveling. To help you choose the perfect travel gadget for your trip, we’ve listed the top 10 Travel Gadgets that you must check before going out. Travel Gadgets and Accessories

The travel accessories below are supposed to save you either space, time and/or money and make perfect Christmas or birthday gifts for travellers around you.


  • Wireless Travel Router

While most hotels offer free wifi services, many only allow guests to connect one device at a time. A wireless travel router is a cheap and effective way to provide wifi access to all of your devices. Simply plug in the router via ethernet cable, and it will broadcast a signal to your phone, tablet, or laptop. Get your mobile hotspot for travel here.

  • Quality sunglasses

Most of us see our sunglasses as a sort of fashion accessory that also helps in keeping our eyes comfortable from the intense sunlight. Wearing sunglasses is extremely important in order to protect your eyes from harsh and damaging UV rays.  In addition to protecting your health, wearing sunglasses simply helps you see better in bright light. They cut down on glare and improve the colors and contrast of your view, so you can better take in your outdoor surroundings or drive more safely.

Whatever reason appeals most to you, the bottom line is that sunglasses make your eyes safer and keep you more comfortable in the outdoors. So make sure to get a pair of high quality sunglasses that block 100 percent of UVA and UVB rays and wear them regularly. Do not miss: Saint Laurent SL 276 Mica


  • Anti-theft Travel Backpack Travel Gadgets and Accessories

This Backpack apply anti-theft design techology. Zipper of main pocket is fully hidden in the back of this bag, no theft will easily open your backpack, makes your valuables more safer.

There is a Reflective Stripe on the front of the bag which makes this backpack more conspicuous in the night. This is a safe backpack for you to walk in the night

External USB with built-in charging cable offers a convenient charging of your electronic device anywhere. Get it here

  • Power Bank

One of the most valued travel gadgets is external power bank:  A good rule of thumb for travel is to buy a power bank with a stated capacity that’s 3-4 times that of your device’s battery. Find one which is travel friendly also: Ultra-portable compact size; ideal for travel, work, and more; compliant with Federal Aviation Administration’s 100-Wh battery restriction. With this one you can charge your laptops and iPhone, Samsung, iPad and more. Travel Gadgets and Accessories

  • Portable Mosquito Killer

Indoor & Outdoor Mosquito Killer- The bug zapper use 360Nm-400Nm purple light to trap insects in, then kill them with 3500V powerful electric grid, get rid of the annoying bugs easily, stop exposing you and your family to harmful chemicals sprays, this bug zapper is a perfect physical pest control device. This one is 3 in 1 Multi-Function Camping Lantern-Multi-Functional Product and combines bug zapper lamp & led lighting & SOS emergency light in one easy-to-use device, you can get rid of insects troubles immediately with our powerful High-Volt electric bug zapper, or use it as night lighting and camping light for outdoor activities.


  • Smart Luggage

Fore every high-tech product on the market these days, you can find a version with wifi capabilities and a bevy of smart sensors. The same rings true for luggage. Smart luggage technology comes equipped with a number of features: distance indicators, proximity alerts that notify you if you’ve left your luggage unattended or someone is trying to run off with it, and charge ports for your devices. Some bags can even weigh themselves to ensure you aren’t saddled with any additional fees from the airline when you check your bag. Get it here.

  • Mogics Power Bagel

World’s Only Travel Power Strip – for about 150 countrie ○ MOGICS Power Bagel with 4 Universal (UK, EU, AU, US) AC Sockets + 1 US AC Socket + 2 USB Ports. Integrating with the MOGICS Adapter, we are able to combine both the functions of a power strip and a travel adapter – both of which are conventionally big and bulky – to create the perfect travel solution, with added perks such as Integrated Length-adjustable Cord, spare Safety Fuse, dual USB ports supporting Fast Charge, as well as an ergonomically designed AC plug — all this, light and slim enough to slide effortlessly in your pocket.

On the other hand, when I’m not traveling, MOGICS Power Donut serves as the best power strip (or power ring) in my daily life; keeping my desk neat and impeccably organized. Sharing the power on-the-go, and saving the space when you’re alone. Get it here.

  • Water Purifier Bottle

According to Independent Traveler, people visiting Central America, South America, Asia, the Middle East, and Africa all run a high risk of coming in contact with contaminated water. Nothing ruins a vacation faster than getting sick to your stomach — so to curb the risk of drinking contaminated water, pick up a bottle with a built-in purifier. Find one that is designed to filter out viruses and bacteria as well as other contaminants.


  • Travel neck pillow

There are many different ones out there and our recommendation is to invest in a better one (which you can also put into the washing machine). With perfect curves shape design, this memory foam travel pillow can better fix your neck, prevents head from falling forward, relieves neck pain during travel. The added adjustable rope lock, you can adjust the angle and the size of the pillow randomly, meeting different neck size requirements, choose to provide support and comfort where you need it.

  • Digital luggage scale

This is the best travel gadget if you are constantly having issues with the weight of your luggage! Save valuable time checking in at the airport and money on overweight baggage fees by weighing your luggage before heading to the airport. This compact scale is easy to travel with and can hold up to 110 lbs. Choose your new digital luggage scale here. Travel Gadgets and Accessories

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