Telekom Srbija Group starts operations in Switzerland

Telekom Srbija Group has started providing mobile telephony and TV services in Switzerland under the Mtel Svajcarska (Mtel Switzerland) brand. The first point of sale in Switzerland, in the presence of the Ambassador of the Republic of Serbia Mr. Goran Bradić and guests from the business world, was ceremonially opened by the CEO of Telekom Srbija, Vladimir Lučić, and the CEO of MTEL Switzerland, Stefan Božić. mtel switzerland

MTEL was created through a merger of GO4YU and MTEL Austria, which belong to the Telekom Srbija group. The idea of joining and doing business together on the global market came from a mutual goal – to establish an unbreakable connection with our people abroad, allowing them to preserve the tradition and culture of the country they come from.

All interested users will have the opportunity to purchase mobile telephony and television services at the first branch of MTEL, whose quality and offer can be competitive with local, Swiss operators.

The offer of prepaid and postpaid tariffs, favorable roaming packages, as well as the richest offer of television channels from the region of the former Yugoslavia, is certainly what will further bring the offer of the youngest operator in Switzerland closer to the diaspora from Serbia, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina. In addition, we emphasize that the MTEL Switzerland offer was created in such a way as to be attractive to all users in Switzerland.

Not hiding his satisfaction at the continued expansion of the business, the general manager of Telekom Srbija, Vladimir Lučić, stated: “The start of providing services in Switzerland is a big day for our company. It is actually a continuation of the effective implementation of our strategy, which, among other things, includes the expansion of business in countries of Europe and the world, and above all in countries with a large diaspora from all over our region. On this occasion, I invite all interested users to familiarize themselves with the services of MTEL in Switzerland in our office or via the website and be convinced of the quality of the offer that we have created for them I wish our colleagues from MTEL Switzerland a successful start of work, a large number of users and I tell them that they will have full support from all of us from Telekom Srbija Group at all times”.

After the opening of the first point of sale in Switzerland, the general director of MTEL Switzerland, Stefan Božić, said that new markets are always a challenge, but also emphasized the fact that there is a factor that is universal for all markets.

“Top-quality mobile telephony services and the most prestigious television content are the best recommendations when we talk about customer satisfaction, regardless of the market or country you operate in. Our experience in Austria, where we have more than 130,000 users, of which more than 15% are Austrians, are the best confirmation of our quality. I am convinced that MTEL Switzerland will also achieve great success and that we will very soon become a recognizable brand in this demanding telecommunications market. After careful analysis of the quality of the network for providing mobile telephony services, we chose ‘SALT’ as a strategic partner. “Thanks to the agile approach, SALT provided us with the implementation of very complex technical solutions that enabled the implementation of the so-called MTEL Zone – a unique zone for calling and using the Internet in Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Austria in the networks belonging to the Telekom Srbija group,” said Božić.

The country manager of MTEL Switzerland, Mirza Tahirović, spoke about specific plans for the Swiss market.

“The business whose ceremonial opening we attended today is only the first in a series. We are planning to open more sales points, and our services are currently available at our distributors, as well as on the website I believe that users in Switzerland will especially a tempting offer of television with more than 300 channels, including all the most watched channels from the region (RTS, Arena Sport, BN TV, Superstar, Hayat, OBN and many others), as well as special benefits when using our mobile phone packages while staying abroad. we differ from our competitors in that all MTEL Switzerland users have an unlimited number of minutes and SMS messages in the MTEL Zone, while when using roaming services there will be no additional costs for the Internet in the European Union, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro. with the aim of being ‘at the fingertips of every user’, which in our case means the development of a distribution network throughout Switzerland,” said Tahirović.

MTEL Switzerland has also prepared welcome promotions for its first users. They are the most attractive Phone iPhone 13 mini free, with the SWISS PLUS tariff, and as for the television service, MTEL TV is three months free, with all tariffs for 24 months.

Currently, the youngest member of the Telekom Srbija Group, MTEL Switzerland, will not carry that epithet for long, as further expansion of the Telekom Srbija Group’s operations is expected soon, by the end of the year to Germany, and then to the United States of America.

MTEL Roaming mtel switzerland

Users of MTEL mobile phone services can call all landline and mobile networks of the Telekom Srbija Group (mts Srbija, m:tel Banja Luka and m:tel Crna Gora) from Austria free of charge, while during their stay in Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina or Montenegro, calls and the internet are free of roaming costs, so they do not have to replace their MTEL card but instead, they can use it as if they were in Austria.


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