Roaming charges between Moldova and Romania will be reduced

Middle East’s fastest-growing operator will deliver seamless connectivity to subscribers, through BICS’ managed roaming service

The Moldova’s government approved the starting of negotiations and the signing of the agreement between the governments of Moldova and Romania on the cutting of tariffs for supplying international roaming services and of services of international calls between the two states, the government’s communication and protocol department has reported.  moldova romania roaming 

The agreement establishes more accessible prices for the roaming services, paid by the users who travel between the two states, as well as for ordinary international calls between Moldova and Romania.

Thus, users will be able to benefit from more measures of regulation, as follows: the tariffs will decrease at least tenfold for calls made in roaming from Romania to Moldova; no tariff will be imposed for the calls received in roaming from Moldova to Romania; the tariffs will drop at least five-fold for the services of the Internet used in roaming in Romania.

Depending on the packages from which subscribers in Moldova benefit, the tariffs’ decrease might be even higher.

The agreement’s enforcement will contribute to the increase in the volume of services consumed by users who have previously not used them because of the price, which is regarded as excessive. Also, business and tourism, as well as communication between the citizens of Moldova and Romania, will grow.

The document also stipulates that the reduction of retail tariffs of supply on the market of international roaming services and of the services for international calls between the two states will be carried out in a term of 3 months after the date of the entry into force of the agreement at the latest.

“Romania is the main country in which the Moldovan users consume roaming services, about two times more than the roaming volume in Ukraine, which is the second country by destination for roaming services. In networks in Romania, Moldovan users consume about half of all the roaming services consumed during trips in the European Union,” says the note to the bill. 


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