Megafon introduced “Roaming, goodbye!” tariff

Traveling around the world and communicate at the home rates in the 100 most popular countries

MegaFon users no longer need to limit themselves to using mobile services when traveling abroad. In the updated offer “Roaming, goodbye!” operator not only increased the number of countries, but also made roaming more convenient for their customers. megafon roaming goodbye

  • Calls and Internet at home rates in 100 countries of the world – stay in touch with people close to you when traveling. Browse social networks, use mail and any instant messengers to communicate without boundaries, like at home.
  • Stay connected always. And pay only for the days when you use your smartphone abroad!
  • You no longer need to choose, connect, and then disable the options for roaming.
  • No overpayments
  • Free access to the “My Account” for any balance on the account!

MegaFon users have possibility to use the Internet at maximum speed and make calls abroad at a price and terms of home tariff from $ 189 per day, depending on the host country. megafon roaming goodbye

MegaFon is a Russian telecommunications company that offers roaming services for its customers traveling abroad.

Here is what you need to know about MegaFon’s roaming services: megafon roaming goodbye

  1. Roaming rates: MegaFon offers different roaming rates depending on the country you are visiting. In general, MegaFon’s roaming rates include a set amount of data, voice minutes, and texts for use while abroad. Once you reach the limit, additional usage will be charged at a per-unit rate.
  2. Data roaming: MegaFon’s roaming rates include a set amount of data for use while abroad. If you exceed the limit, additional data usage will be charged at a per-MB rate.
  3. Roaming partners: MegaFon has roaming agreements with several international operators, which allows customers to use their mobile devices while traveling. Customers can check the list of MegaFon’s roaming partners on the company’s website.
  4. Roaming activation: Roaming services are automatically activated for MegaFon customers. However, if you don’t want to use roaming services while abroad, you can deactivate it in your online account or by calling MegaFon’s customer service.
  5. Fair use policy: MegaFon has a fair use policy in place to prevent excessive usage of its roaming services. If you use more than a certain amount of data while roaming, MegaFon may charge you an additional fee or suspend your roaming services.

Overall, MegaFon’s roaming services offer a convenient option for customers who need to use their mobile devices while traveling abroad. It is recommended to check with MegaFon for the latest roaming rates and options, as they are subject to change.



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