LG Uplus set to provide 5G roaming service in Japan

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LG Uplus Corp., South Korea‘s No. 3 mobile carrier, said Monday it has moved one step closer to providing its 5G roaming service in Japan ahead of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

BEST ASIA SIM CARDLG Uplus said it has recently completed the testing of its 5G roaming service in Japan, becoming the first South Korean firm to do so, after partnering with Japanese telecommunication firm KDDI Corp.

Japan is expected to commercialize its 5G service in late March, so that it can offer better telecommunication services ahead of the Tokyo Olympic Games in the summer.

LG Uplus said it plans to expand its 5G roaming service in other countries this year. The company currently provides 5G in Italy, Finland, Switzerland and China.

By late January 2020, 5G was carrying around 20% of all mobile traffic in the country. The South Korean government’s Ministry of Science and ICT predicts that throughout 2020, 30 percent of the country’s mobile users will have access to a 5G network, with 90 percent coverage by 2026.

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