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Language Barrier and online banking among reasons customers prefer home SIM for roaming, Omantel study reveals

With tourists flocking to various destinations around the world to enjoy their summer holiday, and social media platforms buzzed with photos and videos of attractions, the demand for a reliable and hassle-free communication while traveling has been rising


Through its wholesale arm, Omantel builds partnerships with various operators worldwide and it strives to negotiate the best roaming charges and offers for its customers. The company boasts connectivity to more than 200 countries through agreements with nearly 690 operators.


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While many opt for a local sim-card, others prefer to take along their home sim-card even if a local sim-card is easily available, and they have good reasons to do so.

To get a better understanding on why to carry your home sim-card while away of home, Omantel has talked to a number of trip-savvy customers.

I usually use a bank card to make payments while traveling and avoid carrying much cash. Having my roaming enabled home sim-card makes it easier for me to track purchases and stay alerted of any deductions from my account through SMS,” said Mohammed Al Rumaidhi.

He also added, “At many times, an OTP number is required to complete transaction, this is yet another reason why I take my home sim-card with me. It is also very helpful for mobile banking.”  

While digital banking tops the list for many, customers revealed other reasons why they use roaming, “I’m an owner of a small business and a frequent traveler. Initially, I used to have a local number in the countries I visit most and share it with my clients. Not only that I ended up with plenty of numbers, I also noticed that I had been losing orders from significant clients as they didn’t want to bear the costs of international calls.”

“What sets us apart is that our roaming offers are available with every operator within the country, ensuring that customers can avail their subscriptions while wandering around.” Said Siham Al Amri, Manager of Roaming Services at Omantel.

She also affirmed that the expansion of the company’s LTE international roaming network “reflects the well-established partnerships Omantel has with international operators”, which enables customers to select from a wide range of international roaming packages for individual and business purposes. “Until date, our LTE international roaming covers 360 operators in 126 countries. We have added more countries as well as more operators within the same country, giving our customers more choices to select their preferred roaming network.” Al Amri added.

Omantel’s roaming offers include ‘Jawazak’ packages that cover all GCC countries, Europe and tens of other countries and GoBiz packages for enterprise customers. Currently, ‘Jawazak World’ has a timely promotional offer that gives subscribers triple data in 110 countries.

There were times when I struggled to top up a local sim-card due to a language barrier. This is why I always carry my home sim-card along, it spares you the trouble of searching a local sim-card when you have just set foot in a new destination and there is an absolute need to make that one phone or text message, e.g. to your host or pick-up service.” Sufiyan Omar commented.

Moreover, “You don’t have to worry about losing any of your accounts’ passwords that are registered with your mobile number, including your email, as you can simply retrieve it through SMS verification.” He noted.

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