KT, China Mobile to boost cooperation on 5G roaming, blockchain system

Officials from KT and the China Mobile Communication Corp. posing for a photo after demonstrating 5G roaming services at a Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement meeting in Seoul on Dec. 5, 2019.

KT Corp., South Korea’s major telecommunication service provider, on Thursday said it has agreed with China Mobile Communication Corp. to boost cooperation on 5G roaming services and a blockchain system, Yonhap reports.


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Using China Mobile’s network, KT said its 5G roaming services in China will be available later this month. The two sides demonstrated their 5G roaming operations in May.


KT said its “Narle” service, which allows a high-definition group video chat with a maximum eight people, also performed well on China Mobile’s 5G network.


KT’s 5G roaming services in China will be available only through devices that support frequency bands of China Mobile, according to the company.


KT and China Mobile also have joined forces to commercialize a blockchain-based real-time roaming charge system. KT said the system, named “B.Link,” can self-analyze roaming data from the two carriers and can process roaming charges on a real-time basis, allowing the companies to save costs and time.

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