Kakao ‘s Blockchain Project ‘Klaytn’ Announces Its 9 Initial Service Partners

Klaytn, which launched its testnet on the 8th October, is a global public blockchain platform developed by Ground X, the blockchain subsidiary of the leading South Korean mobile platform, Kakao

Dedicated to validating the value and utility of blockchain technology by offering a blockchain service for mass adoption, Klaytn focuses on providing an optimized platform for service providers to develop and operate DApps (decentralized applications). kakao Blockchain

Furthermore, with a goal to enhance user experience by providing a broad spectrum of blockchain services, Klaytn has partnered with leading enterprises in various industry domains. With the deployed Klaytn testnet, the partners contribute towards further supplementing the platform and releasing DApp services for the mainnet launch thereby contributing to the popularization of blockchain. kakao Blockchain

For gaming, Klaytn partners with Wemade’s partner, Wemade Tree. The company aims to connect Wemade’s market-proven popular game contents, including its diverse portfolio of IPs, with blockchain technology. The application of blockchain is targeted at redesigning in-game contents to work smoothly with the technology, and less focused on digital item trade. By working together with Klaytn, Wemade Tree will leverage the partnership to build a blockchain game ecosystem, while internally progressing its efforts to solve scalability and speed challenges.

From content industry, Piction Network is participating. As the next generation digital contents ecosystem that directly connects users with creators via blockchain-based web comics and web novels, Piction Network will first be applied to the webtoon platform Battle Comics. Serving over a million active users with a collection of a thousand IP’s, the platform will play a vital role in expanding Klaytn’s user base.

A blockchain-based food data project called Hint Chain, operated by Vital Hint, has also released its plan to collaborate with Klaytn. Hint Chain is a food platform that provides personalized recipe recommendations. By analyzing individual tastes and eating habits, Hint Chain aims to reconstruct the food industry to be more customer-centric. The project boasts its applicability as an underlying infrastructure technology for all food-related sectors including restaurants, convenience stores, supermarkets, food platforms, etc.

Other notable industry partners include: Nabu Studio, the operator of Sportsplex, which is a fantasy sports platform covering popular leagues such as MLB and NBA; Airbloc, a personal data marketplace for targeted advertising, business intelligence, and research; Cosmochain, the beauty contents platform integrated into beauty-themed social network service ‘Cosmee’ with fully-functioning user incentivizing features serving over 10,000 DAU’s; VETTA, a game crowdfunding platform for promising games selected by GTR, a top global game accelerator; Humanscape, the data marketplace handling patient-generated health data through blockchain; and, Rayon, a subsidiary of Finda, developing a marketplace for counteroffer loan products. kakao Blockchain

After completing the Klaytn testnet run to its exclusive partners, Klaytn plans to launch the mainnet in the 1Q of 2019. Until the official mainnet is released, Klaytn will make additional partnerships with qualified corporates thereby scaling the reach of blockchain in the market.

Any service providers and developers interested in using Klaytn testnet can register on the official Klaytn homepage at www.klaytn.com, and a selection will be made after the initial screening.

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