Huawei ban effects: Chinese media claims tourists are avoiding New Zealand

Chinese tourists are biggest spenders in the world and account For 21% Of Global Travel Spending in 2018

English language Global Times newspaper claiming that tourists are cancelling their holidays in retaliation for the country banning Huawei from being involved in the 5G rollout.

In November national telecommunications company Spark was temporarily banned from using Huawei equipment in the rollout after New Zealand’s spy agency warned it would pose “significant national security risks”.

New Zealand had close to half a million Chinese tourists in 2018, make it the second-largest source of visitors after Australia.

Over the past month a major tourism event between the two countries was put indefinitely on hold, an Air New Zealand plane was turned back from Shanghai, and telecommunications company Huawei launched a high-profile advertising blitz, aimed at pressuring the government to sign off on its participation with the nation-wide 5G rollout.

A visit by the New Zealand prime minister, Jacinda Ardern, to Beijing was cancelled late in 2018 with no new date confirmed.

Papua New Guinea said that it would uphold an agreement with Huawei to build domestic internet cables, turning down a joint counteroffer from Australia, the United States and Japan.
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