Hrvatski Telekom adds Digital Business website services

With additional options, the user does not have to worry about editing content, creating reports, connecting the website to social networks, or creating materials for digital advertising

Hrvatski Telekom has expanded its portfolio of business solutions with the Digital Business service. With the new offering, the leading telecom provider in Croatia has rounded off the range of services for business digitalization. Hrvatski Telekom Digital Business

Hrvatski Telekom’s digital experts will create a modern and adaptable website for the user and maintain it for the entire use of the service. They will also adjust the content for better visibility on search engines (SEO optimization) and place the website in the internet space (hosting). Business customers can now get a new website and/or webshop without worry – they don’t need to know how to code or use different programs and tools to present their company online.

The significant increase in online shopping in the last few years has shown how important a quality web shop is for the overall online shopping experience and customer satisfaction. For business customers to safely step into the world of online shopping and increase their income, a bundle was created that includes the creation and maintenance of an automated web shop, i.e., an online store that is open for business 24 hours a day. An additional advantage is the ability to monitor visits, product popularity, and customer analysis, which can be used for further improvement and design of the offering.

A large selection of additional modules for upgrading the website and/or webshop, adapted to individual activities, allow users to stand out in the sea of ​​competition and to automate and adapt their online content even more.

Digital marketing will help with additional advertising on the internet, search engines, and digital platforms. Maximum security of online payments with credit and debit cards, one-time or in installments, is available through the PayWay service.

With no initial one-off costs, the Digital Business service is offered in the form of four bundles that are paid monthly: Website, Web Shop, Website Premium, and Web Shop Premium. Based on research and user feedback, Premium bundles include, among other things, 24/7 maintenance, which means that the user is completely worry-free about further setting up and updating content on the website and/or webshop.

“Many potential customers are on the internet, and the website is the first place where companies start building their brand online. Companies that sell services or products, next need to create a webshop to increase the reach of new customers, followed by advertising on the internet and social media for even greater online visibility… Hrvatski Telekom provides all this. In combination with other business services, Digital Business enables full integration of small businesses and small and medium-sized companies in digital transformation processes and a successful market appearance,” said Ivana Beli Oštarčević, director of the ICT Services Portfolio Development and Management Sector. Hrvatski Telekom Digital Business

In addition to the basic service bundles, it is also possible to activate additional options to fully adapt the presence on the internet to the user’s needs. In this way, the user does not have to worry about editing content, creating reports, connecting the website to social networks, or creating materials for digital advertising.

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