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How to use global roaming on the dual SIM iPhone Xs, Xs Max and XR

All three models in the 2018 iPhone line-up – the Xs, the big-screen Xs Max and the more affordable XR – come with dual SIM technology.

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However, only those model iPhones sold in Hong Kong, Macau or China will be able to accomodate two physical SIM cards – which Apple has achieved by letting two nanoSIM wafers sit back-to-back in the usual card slot.

Everywhere else in the world, Apple sells the new iPhone Xs, xs Max and XR with one physical SIM card slot and a digital ’embedded SIM’ (eSIM) module which taps into your carrier via an app, without the need for one of those tiny, fiddly and easy-to-lose wafers – global roaming.

Apple already offers eSIM connectivity on recent Apple Watch releases, although the eSIM module of the new iPhones won’t be available when those devices launch over the coming weeks – Apple says an update to iOS 12 due in November 2018 will activate the eSIM technology.

Setting up a dual SIM / eSIM iPhone

Sign up for a roaming eSIM service is possible only if the country you’re visiting has a carrier which supports the eSIM on traveller-friendly prepaid plans, or if you opt for a global provider such as GigSky or Truphone offering mobile services in dozens of countries.

Either way, the process will be the same: download an app for your chosen carrier, select your desired plan – which will be charged through your Apple App Store account – and you’re on the air.

This should work a doddle if you log onto a free WiFi network on arrival at the airport or at your hotel. Likewise, topping up your account during your stay – and reactivating your plan if you return to that same country later on – will simply take a few taps of the screen instead of buying a recharge card

However, until the eSIM is more widely supported around the world you may end up doing the familiar SIM card swap each time you travel, replacing your home carrier SIM with a card for a local prepaid carrier plan.


Using a dual SIM iPhone – iPhone global roaming

Apple’s November update to iOS 12 will add the ability to manage two numbers – one per SIM, and designated as Primary and Secondary services – through the Settings app.

When you’re roaming you can select to use that number for making or receiving calls and messages, for mobile data as well as apps such as iMessage and FaceTime.

Both lines can remain active at the same time, so that when travelling you can still receive calls from home on your regular number.

You’ll also be able to keep multiple plans associated with your eSIM, and activate each one as needed.

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