Grupo Binario offers Wi-Fi as a Service – WaaS

WaaS solution reduces IT infrastructure costs, increases network productivity and security

Brazil’s Grupo Binario has launched a subscription service that combines infrastructure, software and managed services for business wireless networks: Wi-Fi as a Service. The group said the offer will give companies greater control and management over their wireless networks.

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According to Douglas Alvarez, commercial director of Grupo Binário, one of the great benefits for companies when hiring the Wi-Fi solution in WaaS mode is cost. “In the WaaS modality, the company eliminates expenses with the acquisition of machines, physical spaces, repair management, hiring specialized labor, depreciation and devaluation of hardware and software, as everything is updated by the supplier. In addition, it will be able to offer its customers the provision of services (smart rental), high network availability, monitoring, 24 × 7 support, security, database exports, constantly updated technologies, link management and quality of service provided by a specialized team.

A subscription service, which combines three essential elements: infrastructure (hardware), software and managed services, allowing companies greater control and management over their wireless networks
Another differential of the Wi-Fi as a Service – WaaS model is the design of the network architecture, which can be planned according to the customer’s needs, allowing to segment by user profile and access, such as corporate and visitor, for example, including application of authentication and security rules . In addition, customers still have complete reports, which in addition to being able to monitor all graphs and performance indicators, will also be able to export this information in weekly or monthly reports, for better monitoring and management of the process.

The WaaS solution is efficient as a strategic marketing tool, be it in the development of segmented campaigns or relationship programs or customer loyalty. “The retail segment has benefited a lot from the tool for allowing a more assertive communication with its target audience, because as the user logs on to Wi-Fi (private or public) it is possible to direct messages according to their preferences. consumption, not to mention the fact that they have real-time access to the location within the store or commercial establishment, and can trigger exclusive information or promotions for the product that is in front of them at that particular moment, ”says Alvarez.

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