Free introduced new, transparent way to get a mobile phone

After launching 5G at no extra cost on the largest network in France, Free is now breaking new ground so that as many people as possible can get the latest smartphones on the market at a fair price. free flex

With Free Flex, you can now spread the price of a phone at no extra cost, via leasing with a purchase option.

Liberty: the solution for getting the phone you want while keeping a no-commitment plan.

Transparency: with Free Flex, your mobile plan stays at the same price and your monthly airtime payments are totally separate from the lease payments for your phone.

A fair price: the price of the phone is spread over 24 months at no extra cost. And if you decide to purchase it, you won’t end up paying more than if you’d bought it up front.

Flexibility: you can purchase your phone at any time. And after 24 months you can choose to either return your phone or purchase it.

Responsibility: all returned phones are recycled or reconditioned.

And subscribers aren’t encouraged to buy a new phone before they need to because Free’s mobile plans are offered at the same attractive prices either with or without a handset.

Smartphones at fair prices free flex

With Free Flex, Free is making latest-trend phones affordable by enabling subscribers to spread the payment for their handsets at no extra cost, thanks to leasing with a purchase option.
If a subscriber decides to exercise their purchase option at the end of their lease, the total price paid through Free Flex will be the same as if they’d paid for it in one go up front. Now that’s a fair price!
Free Flex covers the latest smartphones from the biggest brands (Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi, Oppo,
etc.), as well as the most affordable phones and reconditioned devices.

free flex

A transparent offer

Free Flex – Iliad new handset offer – is being proposed with Free’s current mobile plans, which are all still at the same price.
Free Flex is therefore available to subscribers on the Free Mobile Plan (€9.99/month for Freebox Pop subscribers, €15.99/month for other Freebox subscribers and €19.99/month for non-Freebox
subscribers) or on the Série Free Plan (currently €9.99/month for one year).
So Free’s mobile plans don’t cost any more when you opt for Free Flex, and there are no hidden costs. And you know exactly how much you’re paying thanks to separate monthly payments – one for your mobile plan and one for your handset.

A flexible offer…

With Free Flex, you can decide to buy your phone at any time by settling the outstanding monthly lease payments and paying the purchase option price through your online subscriber space.
Or you can return your phone at the end of the 24-month lease period if you prefer, or extend your lease with no commitment.

All the smartphones included in the Free Flex offer come with a 24-month after-sales service.
Even if you take up the Free Flex offer, you will still have a no-commitment mobile plan.
With Free you really are free, and you can cancel your mobile plan at any time.

A responsible offer free flex

Free Flex clearly illustrates our responsible sales policy when it comes to handsets, as it’s environmentally friendly in two different ways:

– It doesn’t encourage people to change their smartphones before they need to because, with or without a phone, Free mobile plans stay at the same attractive prices that Free has been offering for some ten years now.
– All of the handsets returned under the Free FIex offer are reconditioned or recycled. And Free looks after everything in this domain, leveraging their expertise in the circular economy: they work with France-based specialists who remove all of the data stored on the phones, check the phones’ condition, and then process them through the most suitable channels.

Additionally, all Free stores now have drop-off points where visitors can leave their used phones, which are then collected and recycled in partnership with Les Ateliers du Bocage.

A high-quality mobile network across France free flex

Since 2011, Free has invested massively in rolling out our own mobile infrastructure, and today they have a high-quality network across France.
Free now has over 20,000 mobile sites and is continuing its fast-paced rollout, with more than 2,000 new sites opening per year.

Free also currently has France’s largest 5G network by number of sites, with 9,574 5G sites across the country, including 1,136 3.5 GHz sites. In recent years, almost one mobile site in two has been deployed outside very densely populated areas.


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