Finland ‘s DNA Launches eSIM for Latest Apple iPhone and iPad

Finnish Operator DNA launched eSIMs for pilot sales at the DNA Store in Kamppi, Helsinki. in the initial phase, eSIM can be introduced on Apple’s iPhone XR, iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max as well as on the latest iPads. dna finland esim

It is already possible to use multiple subscriptions simultaneously on the same device, as customers can adopt a traditional SIM card in addition to eSIM on Apple’s new eSIM phones. This allows customers to easily keep, for example, work and leisure calls separate from each other.

In the future, as eSIM-capable devices become more common, the potential of eSIM can be utilised in, for example, smart watches, household appliances and televisions. With eSIM, devices can be more easily controlled remotely via the network and, depending on the device, it is also possible to answer calls.

The subscription is activated by reading the subscription’s QR activation code with the device’s own eSIM application. The eSIM card looks the same as a SIM card, but is activated through QR codes.

Here’s how to get started with eSIM:

  1. Make sure your device has eSIM
    eSIM is e.g. on the latest iPhone models. Most DNA interfaces are eSIM compliant.
  2. Activate eSIM with QR code
    You will receive the subscription and activation code from the selected DNA Stores. Then read the code with the eSIM reader on your device.
  3. Activate the subscription
    After reading the activation code on your device, the subscription is immediately ready for use *.

Buy a Sim card for Finland online dna finland esim

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There is always the option of buying one online before your trip. Have a look at the Alertify Europe SIM card offers.


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