Deutsche Telekom launches enhanced data roaming solution

Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier today announced the launch of a new technology that enables extremely fast data roaming and superior throughput – essential aspects for mission-critical IoT solutions. The product, called Regional Packet Gateway offers exceptionally low latency by routing transcontinental data roaming traffic locally, instead of back to the originating home network

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Enhancements in roaming capabilities are today necessary for technologies such as autonomous driving, connected cars, or other IoT or M2M use cases, which require ultra-low data-roaming latency. deutsche telecom data roaming

Regional Packet Gateway was developed through the installation of local packet gateways in different locations around the world. Initial tests showed major improvements over home routing. Latency decreased by more than 60% while throughput rose by more than 100%. Downloading webpages also improved by more than 50%.

Andras Levak, Product Manager Voice & Mobile Services, Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier, said, “We want to prepare our customers for the future, and empower them to discover new data roaming advancements that will enable forthcoming, crucial IoT services. In addition, those who use the service will be able to provide their end users and IoT business customers with the ever-increasing speeds they demand. The packet gateways are currently deployed in New York, Los Angeles and Seoul, but can be installed in other countries as needed.”


Regional Packet Gateway will also benefit companies with operations in countries where legal restrictions require that content stays within those borders. From a regulatory point of view, this technology is considered a non-roaming connectivity option. However, the home network continues to retain all roaming revenues and maintains control of the end client’s usage. deutsche telecom data roaming



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