Mobal’s new SIM card bundle includes Drinking Passport and beer for rugby fans in Japan

With Japan expecting around 400,000 rugby fans pouring in for the big event in three months, Mobal, provider of Japanese voice & data SIM cards for international visitors & residents, has stepped in to answer the concerns and fears that Japan may very well run out of beer

With each SIM card purchased, Mobal provides a free drink coupon redeemable at any of the 106 HUBs, Japan’s biggest British pub chain. mobal drinking passport

On top of this, they are also providing a free 36-page Drinking Passport listing over 400 pubs all around Japan for rugby fans to explore and find a pint of beer and enjoy live rugby on the big screen with easy access via QR Code.


Japan has no shortage of places to drink from karaoke, izakaya, to whiskey bars serving beer, sake, shochu, and much more. But if you’re here for a pint and rugby watching, the Drinking Passport is just the thing to be your tour guide of various pubs everywhere in Japan. All you have to do is scan the QR code in the booklet to find different pubs according to each of Japan’s areas from the greater Tokyo area to Okinawa. Users can enjoy some unique Japanese phrases provided in the guide to help them survive a trip to Japan.

Mobal provides international visitors to Japan data only and data + voice sim cards with no binding contract. Currently, they are running a promotion which includes the following items free with any SIM card purchase:

  1. Free Drinking Passport listing over 400 pubs in Japan
  2. A “free drink”’ voucher redeemable at any HUB British-style pub
  3. Hachimaki, aka traditional Japanese supporters’ headband.
  4. App enabling free Wi-Fi connection in hotspots around Japan
  5. Downloadable tourists’ guide to Japan (with discounted shopping offers). SIM cards can be pre-ordered/ delivered for free overseas or picked up at major airports in Japan or downtown centers in Tokyo and Osaka.

Because many rugby fans are expected to travel to Japan, it is recommended for people to order now in advance before they sell out. Ordering now instead of later helps ensure those coming to Japan to stay connected as soon as they hit the ground whether it be checking in on rugby scores, calling friends and families, keeping up with business emails, or getting lost even with Google Maps.

Book your Rugby Fan SIM Pack at Visitors to the page can also sign up for a rugby newsletter and get a digital copy of Mobal’s quirky phrasebook for rugby fans, while the first 50 Japan Today readers to send an email to will receive a free printed copy of the Drinking Passport. mobal drinking passport


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