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Consumer disputes on Telemach Croatia services increased 232%

The Croatian Network Regulatory Agency – Hakom report on the resolved disputes of users and operators of electronic communications in the first six months of this year has been published. In addition to the analysis of resolved disputes at HAKOM, the report also contains a review of complaints and complaints to operators and recommendations for improvements in the Croatia. telemach croatia

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The recommendation to operators and their commissions for resolving consumer complaints is that they should continue to pay attention to HAKOM’s decisions in disputes and act more efficiently in further similar or identical cases of consumer complaints or grievances. HAKOM’s decisions should be the basis for changing the operator’s operations in the part related to transparency when contracting services, but also the conditions for using services and price lists.

As a reminder, the Report on Resolved Disputes presents an analysis of resolved requests for resolving disputes between users of electronic communications with operators before HAKOM, with a review of resolved complaints / reclamations with operators, which is published twice a year. It is primarily intended for operators and external members of consumer protection commissions at operators to improve and enhance the handling of filed user complaints and grievances.

Hakom compared the ratio of complaints in the first instance for the first 6 months in 2021 and it is evident that no significant event has occurred with most operators increase or decrease of complaints compared to the same period from 2020 except for Telemach, where there was an increase of 232%, while Total TV saw a 47% reduction in complaints.

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Regarding the complaints submitted in the second instance for the first 6 months of 2021, it is evident that there were no significant changes in most operators compared to the same period in 2020, while Telemach and
Total TV has a reduction in the number of complaints of 45% and 58%, respectively.


In the third instance, ie in the proceedings before HAKOM for Telemach as in the first-instance proceedings, there was a significant increase disputes, 197%, while Iskon and HT Produkcija had an increase in the number of disputes above 60%.

United Group is owned by BC Partners, one of the largest global investment companies in the world and operates in six countries through companies such as SBB, Telemach and United Media, as well as the TV channels Sport Klub, N1 and Nova TV. It has the widest network coverage in the region and offers users the most attractive selection of TV content from around the world. With the global OTT service, it has 3.87 million subscribers in 1.8 million homes and more than 4,500 employees, who have been joined since March 2020 by the mobile operator Tele2 Croatia.

Tele2 Hrvatska has officially become part of the large family of United Group last year, as part of an investment worth 220 million euros. telemach croatia

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