Bite Latvia offers Apple Business Manager platform

Every third mobile BITE business client uses iPhone smartphones

Bite Latvia has started providing business services from Apple and claims to be the first mobile operator in the country to offer these services.

Corporate customers will be able to access the Apple Business Manager platform, which enables remote management of a company’s mobile devices.

The Apple Business Manager is the administration environment for business-class Apple devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and OS X), the benefits of which are appreciated by today’s enterprises that are responsive to the information of their mobile devices security and want to improve business processes. It is compatible with any enterprise device management platform.

“So far, managing Apple’s smart devices has often been a source of inconvenience for operators, as all the settings, including the configuration of emails, the installation of passwords, had to be manually handled by each phone. Mobile management solutions enable these processes to be automated, giving companies greater flexibility. Given that entrepreneurs are constantly looking for mobile solutions that add value to their business, I am pleased that we have managed to establish an even closer cooperation with Apple and BITE is the first mobile operator in Latvia that can offer its customers access to Apple Business Manager for the platform, “says Kaspars Bull, Head of BITE.

Regardless of how many Apple’s devices are ten to ten thousand, device management solutions based on the Apple Business Manager platform provide effective remote control that greatly facilitates the organization’s daily workflow. Namely, in order to prepare new devices for work, to regularly update necessary software, to control the content available on devices, to administer the rights of users, etc., the IT administrator of the company no longer has to work with each device individually and on the spot – all of these activities can be done centrally and remotely. For example, a device can be prepared for work without even removing it from the package.


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