AT&T Has The Fastest 5G Network speed

AT&T 5G Speed Tops the Competition in Q4 2020, Based on the Latest Results from Ookla Speedtest

AT&T 5G network speeds beat the competition in Q4 2020, confirming that AT&T customers continue to enjoy the Nation’s Fastest 5G Wireless Network according to the latest results from Ookla® Speedtest.

And that’s not all – AT&T also hit a milestone of the Overall Fastest Wireless Speeds in the nation for 2 consecutive years and the Fastest Wireless Network for iPhone since 2019, according to Ookla.


Why is this important?

Wireless connectivity continues to be a vital part to our everyday lives and has proven to be even more so in in our current world when we need connection the most. Fast wireless speeds contribute to our customers having a great wireless experience when connecting to what they love most, and it can help speed up things like downloading your favorite HBO Max movie, game or app on the go.  5G network speed

How did AT&T get here?

AT&T invested billions of dollars in technology investments for their network, and this win is a result of that.

‘We continue to lead the competition and deliver the speeds our customers need thanks to the dedicated, hard work by our teams,’ said Chris Sambar, EVP-Technology Operations. ‘I am determined we have the best and most innovative engineers in the business.’

AT&T nationwide 5G network currently reaches Americans in more than 14,000 cities and towns and they continue to densify  nationwide 5G network while also launching new AT&T 5G+ technologies, currently in 38 cities, for communities across the nation.

Where do the speed results come from?

Ookla speed results don’t come from a lab. AT&T’s fastest wireless network wins are based on millions of real-world consumers testing speeds daily across the nation on the Ookla Speedtest application. 5G network 


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