Apple Pay Integrates Octopus Transit Cards in Hong Kong

Hong Kong’s iPhone users are about to catch up: the city’s ubiquitous touchless payment card looks like it’s finally coming to Apple Pay. octopus hong kong

The news was spotted by the Japan-focused Apple blog Ata Distance, which reported that code in an iOS 13 beta contains specific Apple Pay and Octopus references. The references indicate that Octopus Cards Limited is likely field-testing the latest beta.

The news is a long time coming for Apple devotees.

In December 2017, Octopus and Samsung announced the launch of the “Smart Octopus,” which allowed users to register their Octopus cards with their Samsung phones via Samsung Pay. Linking the accounts allows Samsung phones to do everything Octopus can do—from paying for the MTR to buying groceries—all with a tap of the phone, obviating the need to carry around a physical Octopus card.

Now the service is making its way to Apple Pay, which works in more or less the same fashion: you simply register any credit or bank cards with the service, and when it comes to paying for things, simply tap your phone on the card reader.

Where can you buy an Octopus card in Hong Kong?

Where can I get one? You can buy a new Octopus card at any MTR (subway) station, including the Airport Express station at Hong Kong International Airport. To add money to your card, visit the counter at any MTR station with cash in hand. Most stations are also equipped with self-service “Add Value” machines.
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