T-Mobile Czech to limit roaming speeds after unlimited data promo

Mobile operator T-Mobile Czech Republic announced that it plans to limit broadband speeds for customers using roaming services. T-Mobile Czech


The decision was taken after mobile data use doubled within the last week following the introduction of a seasonal promotion offering unlimited mobile data services. The data traffic is expected to grow even more when the summer holiday period starts, and measures will be needed to avoid network congestion, the company said.

From 1 September 2019, T-Mobile customers have the opportunity to use a new generation of tariffs. In creating them, the operator relied on both the long-term development of customer behavior and the recent experience of the Unlimited Summer campaign. The new generation of tariffs is characterized by maximum flexibility – the customer composes the tariff himself from the voice and data components, the size of which he chooses according to his needs, but he can also prefer a purely data variant. The customer can choose a variant of the contract with a subsidy for the phone in the amount of up to 5,000 (for 24 months) or without a subsidy (without a time commitment), for the same monthly flat rate as the variant with a subsidy. T-Mobile also brings an unlimited variant of tariffs: a data tariff can be purchased for CZK 1,175, with an unlimited voice for CZK 1,575. All tariffs can be combined under the Magenta 1 program,

 ” In the new tariffs, we reflect the basic requirements of our customers, especially the need for a larger portion of data and the opportunity to get a tailor-made offer ,” says Juraj Bóna, T-Mobile’s director for the Czech Republic. ” During the Unlimited Summer, which was used by over 700,000 customers, we gained a clearer idea of ​​the real amount of data that customers are able to consume if they do not have to monitor consumption, and this data is reflected in specific tariffs. Due to the wide range of possible combinations, we believe that everyone can choose from the new offer . ” 

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