Apple Pay goes live in Armenia

Six Armenian banks now support Apple Pay across both debit and credit cards

Apple Pay has launched in Armenia with support for Mastercard and Visa cards issued by Acba Bank, Ardshinbank, Ameriabank, Converse Bank, Inecobank and Unibank. apple pay armenia

Apple Pay has confirmed that the service is now live in the country but has not yet added the six Armenian banks to the list of banks and payment cards it supports.

Acba BankArdshinbankAmeriabankConverse BankInecobank and Unibank have all officially announced that the service is available to their customers in Armenia, however.

People who add their card to the Wallet app will be able to make contactless payments in stores using just their iPhone or Apple Watch, while online payments will also be available on iPad and Mac, too. Apple Pay is one of the best iPhone features around — especially in the middle of a pandemic when people are trying to avoid contact as much as possible. apple pay armenia

Apple Pay is easy to set up. On iPhone, simply open the Wallet app, tap +, and follow the steps to add the bank’s credit or debit cards. Once a customer adds a card to iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad, and Mac, they can start using Apple Pay on that device right away.

Every Apple Pay purchase is secure because it is authenticated with Face ID, Touch ID, or device passcode, as well as a one-time unique dynamic security code. Apple Pay is accepted in grocery stores, pharmacies, taxis, restaurants, coffee shops, retail stores, and many more places.

Apple Pay continues to roll out at various banks internationally and is expected to become available in Peru and Argentina imminently. Apple has confirmed that support in the countries will arrive “soon” and at least one bank semi-confirmed the fact last week before removing all Apple Pay references from its website.

Apple Pay launched in Georgia in September 2019 and Azerbaijan in November 2021.


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