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Albtelecom “Roam like at Home” tariff includes roaming in 5 Western Balkans countries

All ALBtelecom Subscribers (prepaid and postpaid) who travel to one of the Western Balkan countries (Kosovo, Montenegro, Northern Macedonia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina) will be able to use the tariff plan’s units and national packages without any additional charging. more details about Albtelecom roaming offer find out below.

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Communications enabled with the device / SIM card as a subscriber of the Republic of Albania (RoA) operator (phone calls, SMS, data / internet) when you are roaming in another Western Balkans country, will be charged as if you are using these services in Albania, according to the respective tariff package, i.e the minutes, SMS and gigabytes of data you consume while roaming in Western Balkans countries will be charged or deducted from the respective quantities / volumes of your respective tariff plan in Albania. Thus, additional roaming costs or tariffs in Western Balkans, compared to what you are charged in Albania, will be zero, starting from 1.7.2021. (Warning! These benefits are subject to some rules of fair use of roaming services in WB.

If you have active one of the standard 30-day prepaid packages Super Start, Super 900 No Limit, Super 1100 No Limit, Super 1300 No Limit and Super 1900 No Limit, you will be able to use its roaming units in the Western Balkans without no additional fees, up to the extent of the Fair Use Policy *.


Super Unlimited Packages Super Start Super 900 No Limit Super 1100 No Limit Super 1300 No Limit Super 1900
No Limit
Volume of internet without charging 880 MB 1.5 GB 1.89 GB 2.23 GB 3.26 GB


To avoid abusive or abnormal use of Roaming in the Western Balkans, Albtelecom implements the fair use policy 


After exceeding the limit of the units of Fair Use, it will be continued with the remaining units of the package being charged with the tariffs of the table, as follows:

RLAH Outgoing call (Lekë / min) Incoming call (Lekë / min) Outgoing SMS (Lekë / SMS) Incoming SMS (Lekë / SMS) Date (Lekë / MB)
RLAH Tariffs Western Balkans (Kosovo, Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Northern Macedonia) 4.73 0 1.48 0 1.14


Roaming tariffs in the Western Balkans

If you do not have active any standard 30-day prepaid package / tariff plan, you have no remaining units in your package / plan, and you do not have active any roaming package, then with each operator, in the Western Balkan countries, you will be charged according to the standard rates as follows:

Outgoing calls to all destinations
(Lekë / minute)
Incoming calls from all destinations
(Lekë / minute)
Outgoing SMS to all destinations
(Lekë / sms)
(Lekë / MB)
Promo Zone Western Balkans (Kosovo, Montenegro, Northern Macedonia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina) 28.04 0 8.86 11.38



Roaming package dedicated to the Western Balkans

packs Roaming Kosovo Roaming Bosnia and Herzegovina Roaming Northern Macedonia Roaming Mal i Zi Roaming Serbia
PRICE 990 Lekë 990 Lekë 990 Lekë 990 Lekë 990 Lekë
Exit Minutes 200 200 200 200 200
Introductory Minutes 50 50 50 50 50
MB Internet 200 200 200 200 200
availability 10 Days 10 Days 10 Days 10 Days 10 Days
Text for registration by SMS to 136 KOSOVO Bosnia and Herzegovina Macedonia Black Mountain Serbia


RLAH with BP doesn’t include cheaper roaming tariffs within EU countries but discussions on reducing roaming tariffs between the Western Balkans and the EU are under way.

Albtelecom has announced its solidarity with the difficult situation that the people of Ukraine are going through. In their statement to the media, the company representatives announced that anxiously following the dramatic situation in Ukraine, ALBtelecom stands with people of Ukraine in these difficult times, removing any tariff for communication packages for Ukrainians in Albania, who need to keep in touch with their relatives and offering free roaming for Albanians in Ukraine.

This latest initiative by ALBtelecom will have a direct impact on improving the communication of Ukrainian citizens living in Albania, but also their family members located in Ukraine. albtelecom roaming


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