Balkans SIM Card with 10 countries included

Enjoy your stay in Balkans states and be roaming worry free!

Why get a Balkans SlM card?

Some of the Balkans countries aren’t part of the EU so really high roaming costs can occur. Therefore, they usually do.

Forget about roaming costs, forget about the hours spent desperately looking for free Wi-Fi connections, forget about buying local SIM’s…

This SIM card includes:

  • 4G or 3G usage depends on the capability of the network operators in each country.
Balkans SIM card 

1 GB

3 days valid

9.90 €
Balkans SIM card 

2 GB

7 days valid

19.90 €
Balkans SIM card 

4 GB

14 days valid

29.90 €
Balkans SIM card 

10 GB

30 days valid

69.00 €


No registration is required. No contract. Pay as you go Prepaid SIM.


Consequently this SIM card is ideal for travellers who travel multiple European countries in a trip.

The 11 countries lying on the Balkan Peninsula are called the Balkan states or in short,  just the Balkans.

What Are the Western Balkans?

There is a regional term often used when talking about the Balkan Peninsula and this is the Western Balkans. The name “Western Balkans” describes the countries on the western edge of the region, along the Adriatic coast. The Western Balkans include Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia.

Home to some 17 million people, all of the Western Balkans countries except for Albania were once part of former Yugoslavia before it fractured.

From 1 July, citizens and businesses in Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Montenegro, North Macedonia and Serbia will pay less while using their mobile phones when they are roaming within the region. Most importantly

  • Consumers will see a substantial reduction of their roaming charges within the region.
  • Calls will  be coming up to eight times cheaper and costs for data dropping on average from €3/MB to €0.20/MB.

In conclusion, the new regional roaming agreement is a first step towards the introduction of “roam like at home” within the region, with further reductions of roaming charges expected as of 1 January 2020.

If you are travelling abroad and need sim cards choose between daily, monthly or data packages without expiration or if prefer instant connectivity, get  eSIM. Each Android Smartphone Can Be Upgraded To ESIM With ESIM.Me


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  1. Bennet says

    I recently returned from a nine-day trip to Europe, and in all six countries, this SIM card functioned flawlessly (Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia, Montenegro and Albania). Due to a 10-minute service outage in a ski resort in Montenegro, I just had to reset my Android device once. Other than that, my entire journey has 4G coverage (with the exception of a few mountainous locations), and switching service providers across nations functions as planned. I suggest this card to tourists who regularly browse the web and social media.

  2. Anonymous says

    Visited 3 Balkans countries and this worked just as it should. If you are planning to buy this, make sure that your phone you are going to use is unlocked. Once activated, SIM will work in all countries.

  3. Bonnie says

    Recently used this for a 10 day trip to Albania and Serbia and it generally was easy to install and worked fine — just popped in the SIM card when we arrived and within a couple minutes we were able to use data without issue. If you travel to Balkans, this is great solution.

  4. gral says

    I traveled to Albania, Montenegro and Serbia in July 2022. I had data throughout the trip. I could text iPhones (iMessage) the whole time. I could not call US numbers, but I could send WhatsApp messages. I was able to call on WiFi, of course, so that solved the problem too. It connected automatically when I arrived in each new country. Another plus is that can use the same SIM and for my next travel. I recommend this SIM.

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