A1 Bulgaria adds direct bill payments to digital wallet

A1 Bulgaria said the A1 Wallet digital wallet now allows end-users to pay their utility bills directly in the app. The list of service providers for which payments can be made includes banks, telecommunications operators, water companies, electricity distribution companies, fast loans and others.  A1 Bulgaria digital wallet

The full list of suppliers can be found in the application itself. In order to take advantage of the option, A1 Wallet users must enter the “Services” menu and select the “Cash accounts” option. There they will find 4 options to which they can add their services – water bill, electricity bill, telephone bill or other bill. When selecting an option, a list of suppliers for the respective category will be loaded.

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After entering their customer data, depending on the specific provider (for example – customer number), users must press the “Save” button and the bill will be added to their A1 Wallet. To make a payment, you need to select the “Pay bills” button, which will display a list of “My accounts”. To ensure the security of payments, A1 Wallet requires fingerprint identification, facial recognition or PIN code for each payment on the account.

Payments to bills will be free of charge for consumers until 15.03, after which symbolic processing fees will be added, depending on the plan chosen by A1 Wallet subscribers. If you use the Standard plan, you will be charged 19 hundredths per payment, and with the Premium plan – 10 hundredths.

A1 Wallet allows consumers to track their consumption by adding bill payments to the expense reports offered by the digital portfolio. To make sure they don’t miss a payment, users can also count on notifications on their smartphone, whenever a new payment account is available in A1 Wallet.

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