Wuhan University Offers the First HarmonyOS Course

Wuhan University has become China’s first university to offer HarmonyOS mobile programming technology course, according to the university’s official account on WeChat.

In November 2020, Zhao Xiaogang, a software engineering lecturer of WHU School of Computer Science, and Huawei signed an agreement on Huawei-MOE Industry-University collaborative education. The parties soon started co-designing HarmonyOS Application Development course to be opened in the university.

On February 25, 2021, HarmonyOS-based application development course “Mobile Programming Technology” opened in WHU School of Computer Science as an elective course for some majors.

At present, the course is taken by 30 students majoring in computer science, software engineering and information management in the university. The content of this course mainly includes the vision and design ideas of HarmonyOS system, the core concepts of HarmonyOS application, the development tool DevEco, Harmony0S development infrastructure, and HarmonyOS Java & JS front-end development.

On the evening of June 2, Huawei unveils several new products equipped with HarmonyOS 2, and announces that Huawei’s cell phones, tablets and other devices will successively launch HarmonyOS 2 upgrade.

As a new generation of interconnected, intelligent terminal operating system, Harmony0S provides a unified language for the intellectualization, interconnection and collaboration of different devices. Distributed technology allows a set of system to meet the needs of various devices of different sizes, and achieve flexible deployment; several devices are combined into one “super terminal” that can be used freely according to personal needs with hardware supporting each other and shared resources. For the developers, HarmonyOS can realize one-time development and multi-terminal deployment, making it easier to develop applications on multiple devices.

“With smart devices around everyone increase, we have entered the era of the Internet of Everything. No one is a lonely island, because everyone and every device is part of the continent of the Internet of Everything. We hope to work together with more partners and developers to make Harmony ecosystem prosperous and provide better experience, products and services to global consumers.” said Huawei’s executive director and Consumer Business CEO Yu Chengdong.


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