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WeWork Space Services Offers a ‘One-stop Solution’ for Business

WeWork started in 2010 with idea to support businesses and entrepreneurs, creating spaces where people could work, come together, collaborate on projects, and potentially change the world


Today, WeWork is providing spaces for everyone from entrepreneurs setting up their first businesses to multinational conglomerates with thousands of employees. Included within this are small and mid-sized businesses that aspire to have the amenities available to employees of large companies while capturing the entrepreneurial spirit of those just starting off.

Last month company launched WeWork Space Services –– a new pilot offer aimed specifically at small and medium-sized businesses.

WeWork got position to be able to offer holistic real estate solutions –– both within and outside of WeWork –– to small and mid-sized companies.

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Those companies will have a one-stop solution that caters to their real estate needs, both in the short and long term. WeWork will help them find office space best suited to their requirements, giving them access to inventory they would not otherwise have. In addition, they will benefit from remaining or becoming a part of WeWork network, with a complimentary 12-month membership to Global Access that allows them to join company global community and use their locations around the world.

For its initial launch, WeWork Space Services will be piloted in New York City.

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