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Vodafone Italia offering bonus 30GB/m with C’All Global plans

Vodafone Italia has extended its data-led promotion for all new subscriptions to its C’all Global range for customers with a foreign tax code in Italy.


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Under the promo, anyone signing up before 08 February will be given a bonus 30GB of data a month for 6 months, meaning the C’all Global+ plan comes with 65GB of data plus unlimited use of chat and messaging apps, 500 national minutes to all and unlimited minutes to all Vodafone Italia numbers.


With Vodafone C’all Global + you have:
– 300 minutes to Argentina, Austria, Bangladesh, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, China, Colombia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Dominican Republic, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, India, Ireland, Malta, Mexico, Netherlands, Norway, Pakistan, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, USA and landline numbers in Australia, Brazil, Israel and Morocco.
– 40 to Bolivia, Chile, Ecuador, Egypt, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Nigeria, Turkey, Venezuela and to mobile numbers in Brazil
– 1000 minutes to Vodafone Albania;

If you run out of minutes for calls abroad, the My Country rates included in the package will be applied. The MyCountry rates will also be valid for calls to countries not included in C’all Global +. Discover all the MyCountry rates and destinations in the following FAQs.

C’all Global + costs 11,99 euros a month, renews automatically and requires an activation fee of 15 euros, discounted to a promotional fee of 3 euros, which will be debited together with the fee for the first month. The promotional fee will apply if top-ups of 120 euros are made to the SIM card and used while you remain with Vodafone. Otherwise the remaining 12 euros will be charged.
The price per minute is calculated per second. The activation fee and the first monthly renewal cost will be deducted from the credit within 72 hours of activation.

You can only activate C’all Global + if you are a customer with a foreign tax ID. The cost of C’all Global + is debited in advance and renews automatically every month. If you don’t have enough credit, the deal will only renew once. If the credit remains insufficient for 6 renewals, the deal will be automatically deactivated. With C’all Global you have 300 minutes to 37 countries, 40 minutes to 10 countries and 1,000 minutes to Vodafone Albania numbers. For a list of countries included in the 300 minutes and 40 minutes offer, go to voda.it/myofferta

C’all Global includes Smart Passport +, which gives you up to 60 minutes (30 incoming and 30 outgoing), 60 texts, and 500 MB for 3 or 6 euros a day in non-EU countries and the USA, only if used. For more information go to voda.it/estero
If you’re travelling in Europe, note that since 15 June 2017, following the adoption of European Regulation 531/2012, the voice, text and data components of your national deal will also be valid in the countries of the European Union. No surcharge will therefore be applied to traffic in these countries, subject to compliance with the conditions on proper and lawful use.
Note that since 1 January 2020 you may use 5.6GB of your national deal in the European Union. If you run out of the Giga you can use in roaming mode, you will receive a notification by text and can carry on browsing for an additional fee of 0.43 cents per Mega. For more information go to voda.it/euroaming

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