Vodafone Portugal launches Curve IoT locator – GPS tracker

Curve ensures that Customers do not lose track, among others, to animals, bags and backpacks, vehicles or keys

Vodafone Portugal launched the Curve IoT locator device as part of the new Vodafone Smart Tech product family. vodafone curve gps tracker
A curve can be used to locate pets, vehicles, key rings, travel bags or school bags. The user can define an address or location as a safe area and receive notifications whenever the device enters or leaves that area.  vodafone curve gps tracker

Modern and minimalist, with an exclusive Vodafone design, the Curve is the first piece of equipment in the new family of smart products, Vodafone Smart Tech, which reflects the new creative identity of Vodafone in terms of hardware, software, and communication.

Small, light, and multifunctional, the Curve makes it possible to use it in different situations, such as, among others, always knowing where pets, vehicles, key chains, suitcases, or school bags are. It also allows you to define an address or location as a safe zone (e.g., home, school, office, etc.) and receive notifications whenever you enter or leave that area. The management of all these uses and features is done in a practical and convenient way in a single application, the Vodafone Smart App.

Available in two colors—light gray and dark gray—among the differentiating characteristics of the Curve is a battery life of up to seven days, an alert button for immediate notification, resistance, waterproof (with IP67 certification), and a keychain accessory to attach it to just about anything. In addition, each device comes with an integrated Vodafone Smart SIM, which keeps the device permanently connected to the Vodafone mobile network.

The Curve is available to any Vodafone mobile customer for an initial cost of € 49.90 and € 3 per month or € 29.90 for one year (always with the 1st-month offer, regardless of the type the customer chooses). Alternatively, in this launch phase, there is also the option of 12 months of service included for only € 69.90. vodafone curve gps tracker

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