Vodafone Germany: No e SIM support planned for the Callya prepaid cards for now

The Vodafone Callya Prepaid Sim does not yet have eSIM approval, but there was at least the hope of doing so with Callya Digital (a new completely digital tariff) this could be changed.Vodafone Callya Prepaid Sim

The offer itself is at least eSIM-ready, because the booking and administration are completely online or in the app. Therefore, it would only be logical if you do not need a postal service for the sim card but could book the tariff directly on the eSIM chip. Unfortunately, Vodafone has not implemented it yet.

In the customer forum of Vodafone, an employee writes very clearly on demand:

I asked directly for the responsible colleagues. Unfortunately, no good news. Currently, no eSIM is planned in the CallYa segment, not even in CallYa Digital.

That leaves no further questions. eSIM does not seem to be an option for Vodafone in prepaid and the new Callya Digital tariff does not support eSIM.

This is also rather bad news for Vodafone prepaid customers in general, because if nothing has yet been planned in the eSIM area for Vodafone Callya prepaid cards, it will probably not be until 2020 before eSIM is possibly available for Callya offers. So far, it remains so: eSIM tariffs at Vodafone are for the time being only in the Vodafone RED offers and who want to use eSIM with prepaid, currently find the only offer only in the telecom and that will probably stay a little longer.

Thus, the prepaid user with interest in an eSIM remains only the Telekom  with the MagentaMobil prepaid tariffs. There is still no comparable offer to Callya Digital, but at least you can use the D1 prepaid tariffs with eSIM. (via)

If you are travelling abroad and need sim cards choose between daily, monthly or data packages without expiration or if prefer instant connectivity, get  eSIM.

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