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Virtual-reality tour of Paris’s Notre-Dame after the fire

When the Parisian attraction FlyView reopens on July 11, the provider of virtual-reality flights over the French capital will be offering a new experience: a visit to Notre Dame Cathedral in the wake of the devastating fire of April 2019. virtual tour of Paris’s Notre-Dame

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What does Notre Dame look like from the inside?

While there have been plenty of reports about the damage wrought by the fire in April 2019, it is difficult to appreciate the scale of the tragedy — which brought tears to the eyes of Parisians — without a closer look at the devastation it left behind.

The square in front of the famous tourist attraction finally reopened to the public on May 31, but the building itself still remains off-limits.

The only way to take a look inside the cathedral is to “get on board” a FlyView tour. The provider of virtual reality flights over the French capital since 2018 is now offering tours of the building, showing it as it was both before and after the fire.

Visitors to the French capital will be able to avail of the new service when FlyView, which is located on Place de l’Opéra, finally reopens for business on July 11.

Immersed in the 360-degree video that dates from before the tragedy, visitors will have the opportunity to admire the splendor of the historic medieval cathedral. The second part of the experience is devoted to Notre Dame after the fire. virtual tour of Paris’s Notre-Dame

The footage was shot by the VR studio Targo in December 2019 using a drone and a remote-controlled rover, which succeeded in reaching the remotest corners of the building, including a vault that was destroyed when one of Notre Dame’s spires tumbled to the ground in flames.


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