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Delphi was an ancient religious sanctuary dedicated to the Greek god Apollo. Developed in the 8th century B.C., the sanctuary was home to the Oracle of Delphi and the priestess Pythia, who was famed throughout the ancient world for divining the future and was consulted before all major undertakings. delphi virtual tour

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The ancient Greeks considered Delphi the centre of the world. According to mythological tradition, Zeus released four eagles from the four corners of the Earth, which was believed to be flat, and they met at Delphi, which was henceforth known as the navel of the world, or omphalos.

From the time in which the gods emerged from Chaos, Delphi was ruled by Gaea, the Earth goddess and the first prophetess. Her territory comprised a rocky cave, whose vapours had prophetic properties, and a sacred spring, which was guarded by her offspring, the serpent Python.

The foundation myth of the shrine is told in the Homeric Hymn to Apollo, which recounts that Apollo, after wandering far and wide in search of a site for his own oracle, reached the slopes of Mount Parnassus, where he found the spring guarded by Python.

Here he slew the monster with an arrow and left it to decompose on the ground, hence the serpent’s name (from the Greek verb pythestai, meaning “to rot”).

This feat earned Apollo the epithet of “Pythian”. According to the myth, Apollo inherited both the protection and the powers of the mysterious and primeval force of nature that issued from the cave, delegating the interpretation and communication of his will to the oracles of a priestess, known as the Pythia.

Ancient sources reveal that Pythia was originally a young woman from Delphi. However, according to tradition, from the fifth century BC the role was entrusted to an older woman (at least 50 years old) of irreprehensible conduct, following the rape of one of the girls by a Thessalonian.

Delphi: Self-Guided Virtual Tour Experience from your Home

Experience the archeological site of Delphi from the comfort of your home with an engaging self-guided virtual tour, narrated in English, from your PC or smartphone browser. Access the tour with ease. delphi virtual tour

You will receive an email with the tour link and instructions. In a couple of minutes, you will travel back in time and enjoy a virtual journey from the comfort of your couch.

Through the power of storytelling combined with street and satellite views, you will learn not only about historical facts but also discover unknown stories and tales of ancient and modern times that will amaze your family and friends. The tour’s content is the result of in-depth research, condensed into brief intriguing anecdotes that will make your virtual visit both engaging and informative.

The tour is only available online and you can access it repeatedly and anytime.

This is an unmissable opportunity to gain valuable insights into the “Google of the Ancient World” and immerse yourself in the surroundings in an entirely innovative way.

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There is no meeting point: just sit back and relax in your own home. You will receive an email from the local partner with a link to the tour and further instructions.

On the other hand, if you prefer to feel the Ancient Greek stories and Delphi offline, find your journey here.




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