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Santorini: Sunset Virtual Tour From Your Home

Santorini is part of the Cyclades group of islands in the Aegean Sea, roughly halfway between Crete and Athens. Situated southeast of mainland Greece, Santorini is characterized by rugged landscapes, Minoan ruins, volcanic-sand beaches, and the whitewashed villages of Oia and Fira on the edges of the caldera. The whole island is a massive natural geological museum and has a thriving wine industry that specializes in the indigenous Assyrtiko grape variety. oia santorini

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Born out of the ashes of a volcanic eruption, the prominent Greek city of Santorini soars atop the Aegean sea. Situated above caldera walls, the iconic maze of white cave houses, blue-domed churches, and infinity pools spilling over the horizon are familiar sights to behold. Openly wander the city’s whitewashed steps to Oia where you can dine with a spectacular view of the Santorini volcano. See the remnants of pre-historic Thera and the Three Bells in Fira. As sunset nears, head to Imerovigli, the balcony of Santorini, for unobstructed panoramic sights. Leave your mark by strolling along the multi-colored sands found at the foot of the island city where the blue seas await cruising.

Don’t miss out on Santorini, even if you cannot make it to visit in person. Tune in live online from your home or from your cell phone on a virtual tour of Oia at sunset. See and hear a local guide as she wanders through images of charming streets and alleys that the island of Santorini is known for.

Take a video walk amidst the amiable neighborhoods and join the local host walking past the most popular attractions of Santorini. Gaze at the golden sun slowly fading away in real-time. View the white-washed churches in Oia with the bright blue domes. As you hear your guide talking about the island and the history of Oia village, admire the caldera formations on the mind-boggling volcanic island.

Observe local life and the traditional architecture of cycladic houses. With the help of the guide, get a good understanding of the island on your travel wishlist. As the tour comes to an end, catch a glimpse of the Ammoudi port below Oia in its full beauty. Take in the majestic views during the unforgettable Santorini sunset.

You will receive the “Google Meet” meeting code and need to sign in 5 minutes before the experience starts.

Know before you go

  • Starting time is based on local Greek time (EET).
  • The virtual tour is done online with a “Google Meet” link sent to you in a separate email after booking.

What is Santorini best known for? oia santorini

Domes and cave houses painted blue and immaculately white, unparalleled seaside views, archeological marvels, and mouthwatering Mediterranean food and wine are just some of the biggest draws of this Aegian island group. Santorini also boasts of multicolored-sand beaches such as the Red (Kokkini) Beach, White (Aspri) Beach, and the Black (Mesa Pigadia) Beach.

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