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Viber most popular social messaging app in Serbia

An estimated 5 million Serbians used digital services on their mobile phones in 2019, according to a survey by Kantar’s TMG Insights. Find out more about viber in Serbia.

Digital services are equally used by males and females, more among the younger population, as well as among the postpaid users of Telenor, who are the most satisfied with Telenor’s services and network compared to the users of other operators, according to a survey conducted by TMG Insights, part of the large international group Kantar.

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Viber is the most often used, 77% of respondents used it in the last quarter of 2019. Facebook is in second place (68%), followed by Instagram (59%), Facebook Messenger (59%) and WhatsApp (55%). The highest growth by the end of 2019 (compared to the first quarter of 2018) was recorded for Instagram (+18%), WhatsApp (+13%) and Viber (+10%).

Half of the surveyed population read the news through newspaper applications on their mobile phones, while maps, navigation, and tourism applications are used by just under a third. The number of people watching TV programs on a mobile phone is increasing, as is the number of those who play games, while an extremely high number of citizens use a desktop or laptop computer, almost 80%. Game consoles (e.g., Playstation, Nintendo Wii, Xbox) account for about 6%, while smartwatches (e.g., Apple, Pebble, Samsung Galaxy) are used by 3% of citizens.

Although a small percentage of citizens have the latest digital devices and services, such as smart home appliances, virtual reality devices, smart wristbands and similar, in Serbia this number is increasing on a monthly level.

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About the survey viber serbia

TMG Insights is a part of the large research group Kantar. This international research company has been operating in Serbia for over twenty years (formerly TNS Medium Gallup).

The survey is conducted on a nationally representative sample of Serbian citizens, aged 15-65 years every month. The interview is conducted face-to-face, in the interviewee’s household. The monthly survey includes a sample of over 1200 respondents, while over 14400 citizens of Serbia are interviewed annually. The data are weighted according to data of the Statistical Office of the Republic of Serbia, and the standard error is +/- 2.8% monthly, or +/- 1.6% quarterly. viber serbia


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