Verizon to offer own version of 5G Pixel 4a smartphone

Verizon has announced it will carry its own version of the Google Pixel 4a 5G smartphone that works on the Verizon ‘Ultra Wideband’ 5G mmWave network. The phone will cost an extra USD 100, at USD 600. verizon 5g pixel

Verizon confirmed plans to introduce the Google Pixel 5 and Google Pixel 4a 5G UW to the network with 5G built-in. These new phones deliver the helpfulness of Google at the press of a button or a simple voice command, offering plenty to love about the new connection. Preorders for the Pixel 5 begin today; Pixel 4a 5G UW preorders begin on October 29, 2020.

Google Pixel 5: the best Pixel yet verizon 5g pixel

Customers can preorder the Google Pixel 5 with purchase on Verizon Device Payment for $29.16 a month for 24 months ($699.99 retail; 0% APR). General availability begins on October 29, and Verizon has amazing offers below to make buying the device easier.

The Pixel 5 will be the first Pixel device to harness the power of 5G Ultra Wideband, where available, with faster downloads and ultra-quick loading for YouTube videos. A 90 Hz refresh rate makes scrolling on the 6-inch OLED display smooth as silk. The Pixel 5 also delivers all-day battery life with 4,080 mAh of power that supports wireless charging, an Extreme Battery Saver for prolonging usage, and reverse wireless charging to restore power in earbuds or other compatible devices.

Looking to put a better camera in your pocket? Look no further. The Pixel 5 builds on Google’s reputation for best-in-class photography, using a smart multi-camera setup to seriously upgrade your photo skills. Here’s how:

  • UItrawide – take more dynamic shots of your surroundings and everything in it with a new 16-megapixel Ultrawide lens
  • Night Sight – auto-capture scenes with surprising detail, even in low light, in any camera mode
  • Portrait Light – this Pixel-first feature uses AI to light up the area you want to focus on, making portraits standout
  • Cinematic Pan – take a cue from your favorite film and create dramatic shots with this fluid-stabilizing video feature
  • 4K 60fps video – record epic moments in 4K and get video with less stutter

Google Pixel 4a 5G UW: productive and entertaining

The Google Pixel 4a 5G UW will be available to preorder on October 29 ahead of its November 19 arrival. It costs $24.99 a month for 24 months ($599.99 retail; 0% APR) when purchased on Verizon Device Payment and can be ordered for home delivery or in-store pickup in the My Verizon app.

Google’s newest high-speed helper adds several upgrades to the popular Pixel 4 design, including a 24 percent boost in battery capacity and 5x faster camera focus. A 16-megapixel Ultrawide lens expands photo options, and the wide front-facing camera means even selfies look more dynamic. Don’t worry about noisy or dark photos; Night Sight adapts to the environment and steadies handshakes to still take great photos in low light.

That’s one of many examples of how innovative hardware and artificial intelligence work together to improve the overall experience over time. The Pixel 4a 5G UW also receives three years of system updates that add exciting new features and security updates that help keep devices secure and running smoothly for consumers and businesses. With HD video calls and screen sharing, Google Duo gives users high-quality ways to keep in touch with their contacts.


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