Low Cost 5G Phones

Prices of 5G enabled phones available on the worldwide markets are falling faster than initially estimated as keen competition among 5G SoC suppliers has enabled handset vendors to roll out more affordable entry-level models.  Low Cost 5G Phones 

Three new 5G smartphones this quarter, from Motorola, LG and TCL, using Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 765G platform, offer exceptional value for US consumers looking for a new 5G model at a more affordable price-point.

The TCL 10 5G, for example is priced below $500. That’s a full $800 less than the pioneering Samsung Galaxy S10 5G.

Not to be outdone, Samsung will release two budget-friendly models of its own this summer: the Galaxy A51 5G, starting at $500, and the Galaxy A71 5G, starting at $600.

And that could mark a turning point for 5G technology, says Scott Peterson, who tracks smartphones for market research firm Gap Intelligence.

Until now, 5G has been largely reserved for pricey flagship phones, limiting its reach to early adopters with deep pockets.

These new low-cost phones won’t be studded with high-end features, but they will provide the benefits of 5G network technology.

According to telecommunications experts, 5G speeds—five times faster than 4G connections at peak performance—will pave the way for the instantaneous response times required to safely perform robotic surgery and operate self-driving cars that communicate with other vehicles and road infrastructure. They’ll also allow a user to download a movie in just 5 seconds.

The choice of 5G-compatible phones is wider now, too. Bare-bones models start as low as $400, with high-end models stretching beyond $1,000 because of cutting-edge cameras and OLED displays. Low Cost 5G Phones 

Think you might be ready for a low-cost 5G smartphone?

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