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Tristan Metaverse to release Tristan Survival

The sandbox RPG main game Tristan Survival will be officially launched by Tristan Metaverse at the beginning of 2022 with simulation, PvE, PvP and user generated instance. More themed game planets will be introduced around three type of openness for UGC, PGC and 3rd party communities in 2022, connecting to the main game.

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Tristan metaverse is an answer to what gamefi and metaverse are lacking. The team behind the project wanted to create a world more than a game and NFT marketplace, and it indeed is shaping up to be a product capable of filling the colossus void in the current market place which can be defined as a lack of “ecosystem” and disregard to player convenience and accessibility.

With Tristan, the focus is to make crypto gaming mainstream. The aim is to lower the barrier to entry to gamefi revolution and build an ecosystem where players and creators get rewarded.

What exactly is Tristan Metaverse?

It is a themed planet open metaverse with social media integration where your play time has vale and it aims to be a “virtual home” to many players.


Social Media Integration

Getting on to player convenience, the team has members with past experience of working on different titles with industry leaders and one thing that they have learnt is that convenience and accessibility are two pillars that can’t be ignored.

To solve it, the team has taken an inn299ovative approach by developing the game as an instant Dapp instead of a web-only game so anyone can play it from anywhere be it discord, telegram or Twitter, and they have made It is easier than ever to get into the game with just “one-touch”.


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