TIM Brasil roaming: unlimited WhatsApp and Instagram packages

Operator reshapes international roaming portfolio for post-paid and corporate users and brings unprecedented deals in the industry, with simple and easy hiring process

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TIM customers on overseas trips will have even more freedom to post an unforgettable record on Instagram or give news of the tour of the family group at WhatsApp. tim brazil roaming

The operator has reformulated its international roaming portfolio and launches new offers in the Brazilian market: it will be possible to contract weekly packages of WhatsApp or Instagram unlimited, with very attractive prices. Anyone who still wants to surf the internet will be able to choose between daily, weekly or monthly data franchises. Those who prefer to call only pay the minutes they use, in a much simpler way. tim brazil roaming

New offers are valid for customers of all postpaid plans with pay-as-you-go, including business plan users¹. The exclusive international roaming package from TIM Black Family â € “with seven days of unlimited WhatsApp and 30 minutes of free calls every month to anywhere in the world â €” is now also valid for customers of plans postpaid TIM Black D and E and Da Vinci. Activation and consumption control have a simple interface, through a portal in the own cell, guaranteeing the best experience of use.

“The TIM customer will no longer be looking for new deals to switch chip when outside of Brazil. We analyze the behavior of our base during international travel to launch a new portfolio that meets different needs. We have packages only with the most used apps and internet by day, week or month, delivering options to all budgets. And as the calls are less and less used, we decided to return with the rate per minute. Thus, the customer saves because they only pay for the time they speak, they do not need to activate a daily voice package. To complete, the management of the offers is 100% digital, bringing even more ease and convenience to the users “, explains Renato Ciuchini, Head of Consumer Marketing at TIM Brasil.

When the customer arrives at his destination country, he will receive a welcome SMS, with a link to the international roaming portal. On the page, he chooses the package he wants to hire and is already navigating immediately.

The prices vary according to the destination of the client’s trip. The unlimited WhatsApp offering includes voice and video calls through the application, plus text messaging and audio messaging, photos and videos. Even the Instagram package allows the client to post photos, videos, Stories and use the direct at will. Each option costs $ 39.90 per week for travel to the US and $ 49.90 for South America or Europe, for example.

Those who want to contract a data package can choose between 500MB per day options with prices starting at R $ 29,90²; 3GB or 5GB per week from R $ 149.50²; or 8GB per month, from R $ 448,50².

The calls will cost R $ 1.99 per minute in the United States and Canada, R $ 2.49 per minute in other countries of America and Europe and R $ 2.99 in some countries of the Ã? Africa, Asia and Oceania, such as South Africa, Japan, China, Australia and New Zealand. Customers of corporate plans can contract monthly packages of 60, 180 or 500 minutes, starting at R $ 51.90 / month.

The customers of the plans with international roaming included do not need to make any activation to make connections. To use WhatsApp, if they are abroad, just enter the portal and select the offer included in the TIM Black plan or call the TIM service while you are in Brazil before the trip. In corporate, the administrator is who needs to contract the packages previously via * 144.

tim brazil roaming

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